Ketchup with fish sauce, originating in China, has reached the UK through Singapore and has spread all over the world. Today, especially in the fast food sector, millions of consumed ketchup products have become a very popular sauce. With Single Use & Disposable ketchup packaging machines it can be used for packing liquids such as mayonnaise, honey, mustard, various sauces, olive oil and milk. Our Single Use & Disposable ketchup filling machines has two types / models. One of them is stick type sealed on 3 sides and the other one is the sachet type packet which is sealed on 4 sides. We produce both types of machines as Turpack. Our machines are available in 3 to 10 lanes. Our machines starting price is around €20,000, we are trying to keep the price and quality in balance as an ISO9001 certified company with European standards.

Parts that are in contact with the product is made of SS316 stainless steel suitable for food packaging. The machine construction is made of SS304 stainless steel depending on customer request. The small difference between SS316 and SS304 stainless steels is shown below,

SS304 Stainless steel:

SS304 is the most common stainless steel form in the world. It contains chromium in the range of 18 – 8% and a maximum of 35% of nickel. There is also a small amount of carbon and manganese. It is ideal for food applications but in some interactions (chloride solutions and sea salts) it can be corroded and certain levels of rust can appear.

SS316 Stainless steel:

SS316 is the second most common stainless steel form in the world. The main difference from SS304 is that it contains 2 to 3% molybdenum. Therefore, it eliminates the risk of corrosion like SS304. It is used in industrial applications in high salty environments, food industry and in the production of medical and surgical instruments. Nowadays, people source or purchase their food and beverage needs in their out-of-home experiences through packaged foods that are in disposable portions. Ketchup, mayonnaise and honey products are also important food products. These products are in the liquid group and therefore packing with liquid filling packaging machines are the topic. In the past, ketchup, mayonnaise, honey products such as bags, pouches were filled and used. As everything enters small packages, boxes and packaging, ketchup, mayonnaise and honey products have become disposable, especially with reducing packages in the sector. Single-use packages provides the consumer with a much faster and simpler single-consumption usage. Today, it has become one of the most indispensable products within the fast food sector and companies such as Burger King, Mc Donald’s, Pizza Hut, restaurants and cafes. Consumers can use ketchup, mayonnaise, honey, mustard and other products in a single portion as much as they need. If the consumer needs to use more ketchup, they can take the second packet and use it to avoid the wastage.

Ketchup and similar products which are used for a long time can also be purchased in buckets or drums. Opening and closing their lids and tops or the usage of spoons, forks in the buckets or bags, can open up to exchanges with foreign or harmful substances from the outside. In addition, the amount required to be used from the bucket cannot be arranged or portioned with a spoon or fork, so wastage of the product cannot be avoided. From this point of view, single-use packages give the consumer a certain amount of use and portion. Today, this rate is 8 – 12 grams of ketchup mayonnaise and honey products are the most commonly required portions. Nevertheless, the weight ratio can be stretched according to the demand of the consumer and the producer. The packaging machine for ketchup, mayonnaise or honey can be manufactured in accordance with the required weight range in each packet requested by the buyer. The different demands of countries and geographies change the weight, shape and mixture of the liquid within the packages.

Ketchup, mayonnaise and honey packaging machines in the market have become popular with the name of ketchup packaging machine, mayonnaise packing machine and honey packing machine. These machines are mainly classed as liquid packaging machines, Turpack which is categorized as a manufacturer of form, fill and sealing packaging machine types, this also depends on the packaging style of the finished product as well.

Stick (finger) type liquid packaging:

You can pack ketchup, mayonnaise, honey or other liquid products with liquid stick packaging machines. With liquid stick type packaging machines during the process of filling the products into the packet the machine will also form the style of the film material into a stick form packet. In the stick form, the package is sealed from the top, bottom and the back fin seal. The bonding / sealing process is done by heat given by the jaws on the machine. After the filling and sealing process is completed, we see that the packages are similar to a stick or finger shape. For this reason, the name of the package has become widespread as a stick or finger type package.

Sachet (sachet – four sides conjoined) type liquid packaging:

When we say Sachet (in Turkish), we understand that the four sides of the package are glued. The sachet package resembles a card shape and entered our lives with this shape in mind. Sachet ketchup, sachet mayonnaise, sachet honey filling and packaging can be done on the sachet liquid packaging machines. Because sachets are more aesthetically pleasing than regular packaging, some manufacturers use sachets in order to provide high quality branding and product images on their packaging film material. Sachet packets also allows more space on the front and back of the pack more than a stick pack because the manufacturer can use their own brand and logo more easily on a bigger and wider surface. Another feature of the sachet packs is that they can be sequenced in a box. This allows for proper packaging for the manufacturer.

Pillow Package Packing:

The pillow type packages are the same form as the stick packs, but the difference is that the pillow package is wider and larger. Pillow packages can also be filled with ketchup, mayonnaise and honey if desired by the manufacturer. We understand that a product presented in the pillow package is intended for the consumption of many people, not for one person. Pillow package ketchup, pillow package mayonnaise or pillow package honey packaging machine are produced on VFFS liquid filling machines.

Ketchup, honey and warming process:

In order to be able to fill liquid products with liquid filling and packaging machines, the product has to be heated to a certain degree. These are generally high viscosity products and their viscosity is very low. The liquid product with high viscosity is heated and energy is supplied to the molecules, thereby increasing fluidity. Fluency means more packaging for the manufacturer. Ketchup should be heated up to 80-90 degrees before packing. This heating ensures that the harmful bacteria in ketchup can be killed and the filling can be made easily, 40 degrees of heat is sufficient for honey. The excess or low number of these numbers will result in direct or indirect damage to the product.

As Turpack a feature on our liquid packaging machines with double-walled filling chambered hoppers to meet our customers’ liquid hot filling requirements are fully met. In particular, ketchup products due to high sensitivity to bacteria its required to be made in large boilers at a certain degree of heating and then completely closed feeding tubes it should be transported or pumped into the silos of the packaging machine. The ketchup provided to the packaging machine should also be packed in a completely closed environment. All precautions should be taken against bacteria. Otherwise, the remaining bacteria in the ketchup product passes through the packaging machine into the package and within a short period of time these bacteria start to increase within the package. The bacterium that grows in ketchup makes the pack quite big and swollen. From here we understand that bacteria is involved in ketchup product.

The risk of a bacterial area that can be transmitted into ketchup can be also prevented from or on the film material which is used on the machine to pack the ketchup. The film material is supplied from the film packaging company on rolls. The film is made into rolls after being produced by the machine. Production of film is not a very clean process of health and its most likely that a remaining of residual contamination of bacteria on the roll can turn into bacteria. UV lamps are the best way to prevent bacteria from occurring. UV rays provide bacteria disinfection. Wavelengths (nm) of the UV lamps have a lethal effect on bacteria. There are three types of UV ray lamps, the most effective of which is UV-C and has a wave size of 200-280 nanometers. Since it is harmful for human body, it should not be in contact with our skin or bodies.

The reasons for the UV-C disinfection method during the packaging process of ketchup on the ketchup packaging machines are listed below.

  • The application is simple.
  • Disinfection ability is high
  • Does not create products and residues on media and / or on surface
  • No corrosive substance formation
  • Economic

UV-C lamps are placed on the packaging un-winding section of the machines that will be packaged for ketchup or other food products.