People from all over the world come to the aid of cosmetics to make them look better. Cosmetic packaging is a difference in cosmetics. The aesthetics of the packages in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries makes a difference more than the appearance of the products. Cosmetic packaging is also an important factor in keeping the products longer and intact.

Today, the cosmetic sector has entered a rapid growth trend. The rapid increase of the population in the middle income has increased the demand for cosmetics and it has directly affected the demand for cosmetic packaging machines. As Turpack, we have come to the forefront with the 4 side seal packaging machines used in the distribution of promotional products especially for the cosmetics industry. Large cosmetic companies distribute millions of disposable test and demo products. For this purpose, the square sachet machine is an ideal solution. In addition, disposable wet wipes, liquid soap and liquid shampoo are also solutions for the cosmetics industry.

Cosmetics may not be the product you want to pack. In this sector, for example, wet wipes packaging has also made a big difference.

The most popular packaging along with cosmetics is wet wipes packaging. Many wipes are in the different shapes and styles within the market and each one tries to make our lives easier. Of course, if the cosmetic product is properly packaged.

The cosmetic sector around the world is developing rapidly and it is possible to be among the top 5 sectors. When we look at the cosmetics sector, it is seen that there are multinational and large-scale brands, but in addition small firms have brands and packaging assets as well. The best example of this is the use of disposable packaging. As Turpack, our customers can extend from multinational companies such as Procter & Gamble to companies engaged in nail polish remover alone. Nail Polish Remover is a product used to remove make-up, and the can be packed on a single use wet wipes packaging machine.

There is also a rivalry in the retail industry of the cosmetics sector. In particular, the lower and middle-income groups are more likely to be competing with cosmetics. Therefore, packaging cosmetics has become very important. With the aesthetically beautiful and efficient packaging, the shelf life of the cosmetic products is increased and it increases the sales and attracts the attention of the customers. We produce the following packaging machines as Turpack in cosmetic packaging.

Hair tonic, shaving lotion, perm liquids, conditioner, nail polish, acetone, jelly, WAX, liquid deodorant, antiseptic solution, hygienic gel, lotion, shampoo, liquid soap, liquid cream, bath oil, massage oil, sun oil, hygienic wet wipes, stain remover wipes, eyeglass cleaning wipes, wet wipes, different types of cream, shampoo, liquid gels.

In Turkey, and mainly around the World the cosmetics industry and customers majority are female. Even though the biggest customers are women by this time, men also have an important economic share in the cosmetics sector. Tens of thousands of people are employed in the cosmetic industry. According to one statistics, 20% of the advertising is in the cosmetics sector. Of course, in such a large sector, cosmetic packaging machines are in serious demand.

Packaging materials

The selected packaging material in the cosmetics industry depends on the product to be packed. Continuous innovation is very important to take the lead in increasing competition. The leading companies in the sector attach great importance to R & D studies in order to increase their sales in cosmetic packaging. Innovative packaging designs are constantly available on the market. The most widely used packaging material for the packaging of cosmetic products is plastic. Plastic raw material is widely used for both its colorability and its cost advantages, its easy to store and its safe to use. Flexible packaging films are used on Turpack packaging machines. Bottle filling shampoo filling such as filling hard containers and bottles are not available in our product range. Turpack as a flexible sachet (4 side seal) or stick package machine for single-use shampoo, liquid soap or gel products to fill and package the correct product on the correct machines made by Turpack.

Due to the demand and increase of cosmetics parallel to Turkey’s requests, production and packaging continues to increase the number of manufacturer of cosmetic packaging machines. In Europe and Russia, the US and Middle East countries these are also the places where the most cosmetic machines are demanded.

For example, economic conditions in the African continent are not very good. People can’t purchase a kg of shampoo, but they can take disposable shampoos. Those who go to Africa know. In the twenties, single-use shampoos hanging on the ropes in front of the small markets is very common. Of course, the choice of disposable cosmetic products is not only dependent on economic conditions. Single-use packaging provides ease of transport. At the same time, hotels, hostels can provide single-use shampoo soap or shower gel. Disposable packages prevent waste. Prevents distortion.

The sub-titles of the cosmetics sectors are as follows.


Dermocosmetic products are products used for skin health and care. The most important feature of dermocosmetic products developed for skin health and care lies in the fact that it has the process of passing through laboratory tests dermotologically. These cosmetic products, which are tested dermotologically, provide medical reliability for human health and safety. Dermocosmetic products are prepared as medicines but are not medicines. They’re sold in pharmacies. These are the most important factors that enable us to distinguish cosmetic products from other cosmetic products. For example, we have a method of destroying a pimple on the face. The first is to prevent it from appearing by covering it, and the other is by removing the skin by interfering with the subcutaneous biological causes of acne. The first method is cosmetic intervention and the second method is medical intervention. Although medical intervention is involved in medical intervention, it is more accurate to say that it is a medically assisted intervention. Skin aging, skin blemishes, acne, wrinkles, cellulite, cracks, oily and dry skin treatments etc. Are classified into the dermo cosmetic intervention.

Natural cosmetics:

Natural or herbal cosmetic products in the composition of natural products, oils and plants with no side effects such as dermokozmetik, such as serious laboratory tests are not passed. It is preferred for cosmetic needs or problems requiring mild intervention. As in other areas, we can also face abuse in this area. It is useful to have the relevant permits and approvals on natural cosmetic products and to check the relevant content thoroughly.


Cosmetics, natural cosmetics, but dermo cosmetic is apart of its self and is also separated from the cosmetic range. In this area, natural and unnatural processed substances such as cleansing lotions and creams, perfumes and deodorants, shampoos, hair dyes, lipstick, nail polish etc. are included in the area of ​​cosmetics. Some of the products listed here are also made of dermotological facilities. This means that the cosmetic product is tested and approved in the laboratory.

As Turpack, we produce machines for the packaging of all kinds of liquid, powder and granular cosmetic products in flexible packaging. We would like to say that we are always ready with our pre-sale and after-sales service and that we share the possibility of working with our machines 7/24. If you want to pack your cosmetic product, you are in the right place. You can reach us from the form on the page where the relevant machine is located or from the form, e-mail or phone numbers on our contact page.