As the Turkey’s leading manufacturer in stick pack machine solutions, Turpack has experience and expertise in a wide range of stickpack sachet applications. You can produce elegant, single use stick packages of free flowing products such as sugar, salt, coffee, black pepper, liquid products such as ketchup, mayonnaise, water, milk, honey, shampoo, liquid soap, liquid chemicals, non free flowing products such as coffee, coffee cream, milk powder, powder chemicals, and among others.

Turpack offers stick pack machines for all levels of production demand, from our entry level 3-lanes stick pack machine all the way up to a 12 lane stickpack machine able to package up to 600 stick packs per minute!

Turpack offers quite a wide range of options and sizes, varying from 16mm to 50mm in width, 45mm to 170 mm in length, which gives you the power to make different sized portions for different purposes. All our stickpack machines are CE certified, and is made under the highest standards, to ensure that you will have a long lasting, reliable machine for all of your packaging needs.

Turpack Stickpack Machines:

Turpack StickPack Machines has been specially created to offer high performance in the packaging process of granular, powdered and liquid products, (sugar, salt, black pepper, ketchup, mayonnaise, honey, mustard, nescafe, 3in1, instant coffee, instant soup, grains, liquids, viscous materials, powders, dairy products, frozen water products). Stickpack machines are suitable for food, hotel and catering to dietary products, fatty products and cosmetic in general.

All of stick sachet machines are are equipped with a SIEMENS ( PLC ), which makes it easy to change settings. Settings and changes are done via a touch panel, which allows for differing package sizes.

“Taylor made equipments to meet customer’s requirements, up to 12 lanes and 600 stickpack/min.

Our Stick pack machines are made out of quality Siemens components. They will enable to design and manufacture elegant, single use packages of free flowing products such as salt, coffee, salt & pepper among others. The machine offers quite a wide range of options and sizes, varying from 16mm to 50mm in width, 45mm to 170mm in length, which gives you the power to make different sized portions for different purposes. The machine has 5 lanes capable of churning out 250-300 stick packs per minute. The machine is CE certified, and is made under the highest standards, to ensure that you will have a long lasting, reliable machine for all of your packaging needs.

As mentioned, the Turpack Stick Pack machine for free flowing products is very functional and simple to use. The system allows you to store some important stick pack data to make sure that future uses are even quicker than before. It is easy to enhance your stick pack and make it look beautiful in the eyes of your customers. Turpack has been providing packaging solutions for customers from 80 different countries, for use in many different industries. Join our many happy customers today with our top quality Stickpack machine for free flowing products.

Stick pack packages are small, convenient, easy to carry and perfect for any kind of products such as sugar, coffee, ketchup or mustard. Stickpack can also easily be made into different shapes, colors and sizes, that are lightweight and attractive, creating a wide variety of choices for customers and consumers. For stickpacks, the options are really unlimited and can be easily customized.

The advantages and benefits of Stick package;

Production of Stick packages has many advantages when produced. It offers a price advantage to primarily to customers. It is easy to manufacture. Compared with other packaging styles, stick packs have a much less cost on purchasing film. This will reduce the manufacturing and packaging costs.

Customers a much attracted to small and cute stick packs. It can be easily moved around also the amount inside can be used in one portion and product inside will not go bad before it is intact with the food. Not only liquids Turpack production of its 12 line Sugar stick packaging machine can supply the producer with 500 sticks per minute.

Turpack stick packaging machines are extremely robust. It can work 24 hours over three shifts.

Stick Packs – The Future of Packaging

The biggest benefit of stick packaging over other forms of food packaging is the size and convenience of it. Stick packsare narrow which makes it easy to pour the products in the package into a bottle of water. Also, a single stick pack conveniently holds a single serving so it is compact and fits neatly in your purse, backpack or pocket.

Stick packs offers the consumers more convenience in regards to easy to opening and provides just the right amount of product inside each stick. The freshness of the product is guaranteed.

Stick packs are convenient for;

Products that are Liquid, Powder and Granular like sugar, salt, spices, ketchup and water have all required the need for this type of food packaging. Stick packs are 3 Side Sealed and are specific form of vertical fill, form and seal (VFFS) packing. The packaging material can be paper, plastic or PE coated Aluminum. Fancy, colorful designs catch the consumers eye but although stick packs might not seem very environmentally friendly at first glance because they are packaged individually, stick packs use 35% less packaging material than a sachets.

Benefits of Stick Packs

Stick Packs

Turpack provides a great supply of automated packing machines that make it easier to make a stick packs for sugar powder, milk powder, or coffee powder. You have probably seen stick packs used for popular products including powdered juices and energy drinks. There is actually a whole section in most grocery stores that is dedicated to powdered sugar packets! These stick pack machines are great, but what exactly are stick packs?

Stick packs have been around for a long time, but have become an increasingly popular form of packaging for sugar powders because they make it easy to pour into the thin bottle neck of water, tea, and other beverages. I am sure you have seen someone use a sugar powder stick pack to flavor their bottled water or maybe their beverage at a restaurant or bar, but how are they made and what makes them so popular?

These small packets are made with a stick sugar packing machine that puts in the perfect amount of powder to flavor a regular sized bottle of water. The stick-shaped packages can come in a variety of colors and materials including plastic and paper. Much like other packets, they are able to hold a small amount of any powder that you wish to put in them. As mentioned before, they are very popular solutions for storing powdered juice and energy drinks.

What are the benefits of TURPACK stick pack machines?

The biggest and most important advantage of stick packs over other forms of packaging is how convent they are for the people who buy them. Because stick packs are small and narrow, they are easy to carry around in a backpack, purse, or even your pocket. Adding to the convenience of stick packs, they are also easy to pour into a water bottle or a bottle of tea with a thin neck. The packets are also made with a packaging machine for food packaging and powder, which makes it easy to produce a perfectly sized packet with the right amount of powder every single time. Not only are these packets convenient for the users, but they are also made in a convenient way.

Aside from the previously mentioned convenience of stick packs, they are also more eco-friendly than the square packets that are usually found in restaurants. A stick sugar packing machine uses less paper or plastic than a machine that packs other types of packets. This means that the stick sugar packs have a smaller negative impact on the environment.

As mentioned previously, stick packs are not only good for consumers, but provide advantages for the producers of sugar powder products as well. Because the packs are smaller and use up less material, they are less expensive to produce than other small packets for powders. Additionally, it is simple to purchase an automated packaging machine that makes it easy and affordable to produce a bulk amount of sugar packets. If you are looking to get high production rates while keeping your business costs as low as possible, then these eco-friendly packets are the right choice for your company.

Why TURPACK supplies the best Stick pack Machines?

TURPACK produces multi-lane stick pack machines with the widest stick pack measuring at 55mm. Our stick pack machines a well thought out for maximum performance and built for quality. With a length of 180mm and additional features added on the stick pack machines, consumer’s requests can be fully meet and satisfaction is guaranteed.

Uses include: Coffee, sugar, salt, spices, pharmaceutical powders, liquids, sauces, ketchup, mayonnaise, honey, mustard and 3 in 1 coffee.

Advantages: Cost efficient, High Speed Production, Compact, Easy Maintenance.

Add-ons: Various bag seal patterns, date coding system, tear notch, servomotor, variety of fillers, conveying equipment, and automatic feeding systems. Machines : TP-G001 – Stick packs for your Granules. TP-P001 – Specifically designed for free-flow powders. TP-L001 – Our Liquid stick pack machine.

Our Stick pack machines are made out of quality Siemens components.

Whether you are an expert with stick packs or a beginner in the stick pack industry, any time you need guidance, feel free to contact TURPACK.

When using a TURPACK Stick pack machine it will provide you with beautiful stick packs and we are positive it could not be any easier made with a stick pack machine from TURPACK. Our Stick Pack machines can work with any powders, liquids, granules. MACHINE means quality for us!

The TURPACK Stickpack packaging machine helps you to achieve long-term success. We guarantee a compact solution with high performance and output, the reliable weight control of our Stick pack can asure you with less product loss, also easy handling and cleaning is a major bonus. TURPACK Stick packaging is most suitable for Liquid Products, Free Flowing Products and Non-Free Flowing Powders used in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, our TP-P001 model will provide beautiful stick packs for your sugar, salt, ground pepper with a quick and reliably result. With the support of the Pistons for Liquid products and the durability of the Auger Dosing for Powder products, selection of multiple lanes offers many benefits. Stick packaging is cost efficient, convenient for consumers and easy to produce.

Why TURPACK supplies the best Stick pack Machines?

TURPACK packaging machines easy access to all machine parts, the user-friendly operation PLC Touch screen and the good visibility to the product flow, dosing accuracy and less product loss is always a bonus for the producer. The quickness of the machine will be due to the precise dosing and high efficiency. High speed Up to 600 sticks per minute with our 12 Lane stick pack machine is most suitable for multi-shift operation. Easy handling and quick cleaning, mounted dosing unit and compact design. High quality and a visually appealing packstyle will win over any consumer. Put your products in the best stick packs available with TURPACK’s efficient stick packaging machines.

Turpack Stick Packaging Machines and Filling Systems

TURPACK stick packaging machines, designed to be able to fill all kinds of products into single use portion pack stick bags. Our Stickpack packaging machines are designed to pack products that any kinds of liquids, granules, and powdery products. There are basically 3 types of filling system in our Stick machine.

– Volumetric Filling: The filling system is suitable for Free Flowing Products. Such as Sugar packaging. Not just Sugar, with this kind of filling system you can be able to to pack Stickpack White Sugar and Brown Sugar, Square Sachet White Sugar and Brown Sugar, Sticks for Sweeteners, salt, black pepper, granular paprika, all kind of mixed spices can be filled.

-Auger Dosing Screw Filling: The filling system is suitable for products that are Non Free Flowing. The filling is of non free flowing products is achieved by the rotation of the screws which are made from stainless steel. Servo motors provide the rotation of the screws. The weight for each packet is set by the number rotation required. This type of filling system is most suitable for Three-in-One Coffee, Instant Coffee, Coffee Cream, Hot Chocolate, Cappucino, 3 in 1 coffee, Turkish coffee, powdered Pharmaceutical products, any powder products can be filled.

-Liquid Filling: This filling system is combined with sensitive pumps that fill all kinds of liquids and products with a gel typed consistency into the desired packages as the required weight. Disposable, ketchup, mayonnaise, salad sauces, Olive Oil, Sunflower Oil, Corn Oil, Hazelnut Oil, Lemon Sauce, Vinegar, Honey, cream sauces, jams, marmalades and Particles Containing Food Products and so on. These liquids are most suitable for stick pack filling of liquid products.

These machines and packaging systems are the best solutions which can be manufactured according to the following sectors:

Food, Beverage, Cosmetic, Industrial, Nutritional, Oral, Personal Hygiene, Pharmaceutical, Topical, Veterinary.

Turpack uses the latest technology in packaging machines. SIEMENS PLC, the sensors from SICK, FESTO the pneumatic system, the worlds leading brand products such as ALLEN BRADLEY which is used for other electronic components as well. Our machines run under high security measures, with CE Certified. The most important feature of Turpack packaging machine is that they are extremely durable. All of our filling machines are designed to handle the 24-hourworking conditions. Filled with different types of systems (volumetric, screw, liquid filling) stick packs can be filled with all kinds of products.

Also in our vertical filling machine groups we manufacture volumetric, auger screw and multihead machines with scales, most suitable for packing your grains, dried fruits, starches, flour, sugar, coffee, spices, powder fruit juices / gel powder, energy powder, granular type foods, sweeteners, sweets and chocolates, quick snacks.


Since the beginning the importance of customer relationship, following new technology and management has provided us with producing appropriate packaging machines with the latest technology. An ISO 9001:2008 certified company TURPACK exports to 85 countries with over 15 years of experience in the stick packs, four corner squares package and vertical packing machine industry. In our range of Packaging Machines we produce in sugar stick filling machines, liquid filling sticks, stick coffee, square package filling machines, vertical weigher machines, multi-head weigher machine, volumetric filling and screw filling systems, filling machines, food processing machines, automatic feeding systems, product handling systems, vertical and Z-type elevators, also there are several types of conveyors as well. We also manufacture customized projects when required.

Various sizes and weights outside the standard packaging machinery we can manufacture machines as well. Please contact our customer service representative also the bonding quality, productivity and creates a reference to the weighing accuracy.

History of Stickpack Single Use Portion Pack Products?

Portion Pack, Single Use Products

Stick packs, which first invented in Japan then became famous in Europe, have finally made their way to the United States and have really changed the way we see single portioned products. Thanks to the creation of these stick packs, we are now able to take things, such as salt, spices, drink mixes, condiments and even medications, on the go with added convenience. There are many different reasons why stick packs are so popular with both manufacturers and consumers. If you do not know much about these handy little packets, here are some things you should know and some things to consider.

Stick Packs Are So Convenient

The first thing that you should know about stick packs is that they are highly convenient, both for you and for restaurants and retailers as well. You will see that these handy little packages are very convenient and allow you to take the condiments, drink mixes or spices you need with you on the go. You will find that drug maufacturers are also now taking advantage of stick packs and packing over the counter medications, including effervescent cold medications in these convenient rigid packages. These packages are easy to toss in pockets, in a purse or even in a lunch box and are easily placed in dispensers in restaurants. Retailers also love stick packs because they take up so much less room on shelves and can easily be displayed by checkouts, where customers are more likely to see and purchase them.

These stick packs are also easy to use. You will see that they are easy to empty on your food, in your drink or directly into your mouth. Many drink mixes are available in stick packs because they are intended to be dumped directly into water bottles. This includes soluble teas and so much more.

Not only are these stick packs convenient and easy to use, but they are also great because they are far more hygienic. You will see that restaurants used to use salt shakers, sugar shakers or even bowls with sugar in them for their customers. This isn’t exactly the best method, as many people touch these things and it can be a good way to spread germs. Many things can also get wasted this way, so stick packs can really be better in terms of hygiene and can prevent things from being wasted as well.

If you have your own business or you’re a consumer looking for small portions of your favorite things to take with you on the go, consider purchasing your goods in stick packs. They are safe, convenient and affordable. Give them a try and you will see how easy they are to throw in your purse or pocket!

Key Points when you buy a Stick Pack Machine

Stick packs have really changed the way that both consumers and manufacturers have been buying and selling goods, including spices, drink mixes, condiments and so much more. These packages come proportioned, so you always know how much you are getting and they are easy to take with you on the go. You will see that stick packs are also very affordable to produce, especially when you have a good quality stick pack machine that you are using to produce them. The waste will be reduced significantly, allowing you to lessen your company’s carbon footprint. When purchasing a stick pack machine, there are some key points to look for. Here’s a bit of information about what you should be looking for.

First of all, you want to purchase a durable machine. This means that you want to look for a rugged, stainless steel machine. Your machine should be able to make zigzag cuts and should also be able to form tubes and collars that are perfect for the consumer’s needs. Your machine should be able to fill these tubes with the proper amount of the product you are manufacturing. You will see that there are machines that will allow you to fill multiple lanes, around ten, at a time with the product you are manufacturing, whether it is powders or liquids, granules or gels.

There are some machines that you can purchase to fill multiple size of stick pack packages, which can be beneficial if you are selling and packaging many different products. You will want to get a machine that will be able to detect and reject stick packs that went through the line but turned out empty, because this is highly important. Find a machine that also has great controls that you will be able to use. Some machines are a bit confusing, so be sure you pick one that is going to be easy to run.

It is also important for you to look for a machine that will allow you to print your own stick pack tubes, because this is a huge part of the production process and you will need to know what is packaged in each tube. Many machines will be able to print on your tubes for you, so be sure to look for a machine with this feature.

There are many features you will definitely want to be sure your stick pack machine has when you are purchasing it, and you will see that when you are shopping for a machine, they are not all created equally. Now that you know a bit more about what to look for with a stick pack machine, you can get shopping so you can start producing your own stick packs.

Buying and Deciding on a Stick Pack Machine

You might have trouble while buying a new stickpack packing filling machine. Especially if you’re thinking of the most suitable packing machine in order to develop and improve your business. In order for a new stick pack packaging machine to be processing might usually require some preliminary preparations. Determining the right area in which the machine will be used, identifying the people who will use the machine and training them, providing the necessary materials for usage of the machine and evaluating the rules of safety and security are the principal points for the desired performance.

When buying the sachet packing machine, it must be decided upon considering the many factors such as the cost, the technical specifications, the flexibility in usage (different product packet change times), the labor force requirement, the quality, the internationality of the products that are used and the energy consumption. Including these, let’s have a look on the important points:

The industry of packing machine is an industry which includes a wide variety of products that develops special packing solution offers for companies in many sectors and for this reason, the packing purposes of the customer must be analyzed well and suitable solution offers for this must be presented. Your manufacturer should not be just responding to your demands but understanding them, questioning, identifying your needs and being able to give you solution offers. As Turpack Industry Company, we analyze your packing machine demand, defining your need completely and find the best present the best solution for you.

Towards the manufacturer keep your relations in a goodwill. If you are working with the right manufacturer, questions about your products varieties, product sizes and the weight of the product or etc. will be asked and sample products will be demanded. To have the most quality product and to receive the best services, you should always deliver to your manufacturer the necessary information for them on time. Do not hesitate to share information such as these and spare your time. This is an important symbol of your manufacturer about how serious they take the job and how much quality of service they will provide.

Talk about every details with the manufacturer of packing machine before deciding to buy. Clarify the details about the configuration of packing machine and the instruction of operator. Ask about how to get support in a situation where there is an accident in machine. Analyze thoroughly if the manufacturer is able to offer services after the sale. Figuring out these kinds of questions will make it easier in making the right decision in the progress of buying.

Definitely, do not stay only in the cheap side. Making choices only in cheap machines might cause big problems in the medium term. As well as not getting the sufficient efficiency from the machine, you might have to buy a new one. For this reason, make your final choice not only by the price but by looking at the value with the cost that the machine makes up.

Inform the personal that will use the packing machine. Share the information about your new bought product with your personal before the packing machine is delivered to you. Authorize the machine to the personal only who has the operator training about machine using.

As Turpack, we are thriving to offer to you the most suitable packing machine with a word-class quality at the most reasonable cost. For further details you could please contact us with the email, [email protected]

Stick pack Manufacturer Profile;

Turpack Machine is based in Istanbul – TURKEY and has been designing and manufacturing stick packs and vertical filling machines for the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and nutritional industries since 2006. With over 15 years experience TURPACK machines can produce single portion serving stick packs for all kinds of food related products. Within the 10 year history TURPACK Machines has been exporting its machines to more than 85 countries worldwide, with over 800 TURPACK machines placed all around the world TURPACK is one of the leading manufacturers in Turkey taking into fact that customer service and after sales service is our highest priority within our company. As an ISO-9001:2008 certified company, we provide high quality machines which present beautiful stick packs and we will build a solution according to your needs which also fits your budget.

For more informations about our stickpack machines, please visit our stick pack website.