Sachet machines automatically produce square or rectangular 4 side sealed sachets packets. Our 4 side seal sachet pack machine is an economical sachet pack machine that is both dependable and easily versatile. It is perfect for packaging a variety of products including ketchup, ground coffee, salt, sugar, powder, spices, black pepper and almost anything else that you can imagine.

With a PLC control system and touchscreen, this powerful machine can produce 100-120 sachet packs per minute.

As far as what to use the machine for, it can be used to package any free flowing, non free flowing and liquid paste products. The finished application is smooth. It is typically used in packaging food, sachet sugarketchup, mayonnaisebeveragespharmaceuticalscosmetics and chemicals products.

This reliable 4 side seal sachet machines can pack sachets anywhere from 40 mm wide by 40 mm long to 200mm wide by 200 long. The pack sizes are completely adjustable and the biggest pack can be used for instant soups. For instant soup machine you can watch this video.

Also you can pack liquid products like water and semi liquid products like ketchup, mayonnaise, shampoo, liquid soap etc.

4 side seal sachet, Ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard filling and packaging machine you can watch this video. We can build 3 lanes to 8 lanes.

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