To create the pillow type bag, packaging film is guided over a forming tube, creating the ‘pillow’ shape. The outer edges of the film overlap around the forming tube and a vertical seal bar bonds the film together, creating the ‘back seal’. A horizontal sealing bar then creates the ‘top & bottom seal’.

With a bottom seal, top seal, and back fin seal, the pillow bag is most often formed from a continuous roll of flat flexible packaging film on vertical form fill seal (VFFS) packaging machinery.

The product is next dispensed vertically from a product filler via the hollow center of the forming tube and is filled into the pillow bag. After the product is filled to specification, the horizontal ‘top seal’ is created. Lastly, a horizontal knife makes a cut that releases the individual completed bag, which is then discharged from the machine.

There are additional options available when packaging with pillow bags, namely the addition of a hole punch or Euro slot for display on hooks, adding nitrogen flushing to keep the product fresh inside, and adding easy-open options like tear notches.

Packing products has never been easier and more reliable than with the vertical form fill and seal machine. You can make reliable, beautiful looking Pillow Type Packets for a wide array of products, such as pasta, granulated sugar, bakery products, various type of nuts, seasoning, soup base powders, cleaning powders, pharmaceutical goods, liquids and many others, all in a neatly packaged, 100% sealed pillow packet. When packaging products you have 3 main concerns. You want to have a machine that will reliably function, be easy to operate and last for a long time, you want the packages to be 100% sealed so that the product’s integrity is kept inside and you want the packages to look presentable and beautiful.

For all of these purposes, you cannot go wrong with the Vertical Form Fill and Seal machine for granular (and other) products. Made from the finest components, with a 2 year warranty, by a company with many satisfied customers in 85+ different countries, extremely easy and intuitive to operate, with a beautiful end product in the form of 100% sealed packages, the VFFS Machine by Turpack is the answer for all of your packaging needs.