TurPack Industry is a manufacturer company of coffee packaging machines. Our packaging machines are suitable for packaging, granular, powder and instant coffee products. In this article we are going to give you all the information and details about coffee packaging machines and equipment

We have 2 different type of packaging machines. One is single use portion pack stickpack coffee and the other one is for bigger bag coffee packaging machines. All coffee packaging machines are 100% self-produced in our manufacturing division in Istanbul. With its extensive knowledge of coffee packaging machines and auxiliary equipment, today, TurPack is an expert and reliable machine supplier and manufacturer in the coffee packaging industry.

We are making vertical VFFSS packaging machines, pillow package filling machines, stickpack filling machines for instant coffee, volumetric filling machines for granular coffee packaging machines, screw filling machines for powder coffee, doypack (stand up pouch) filling machines for ready coffee. With these machines, we can respond to all requests from customers in coffee packaging field.

We also use volumetric filling systems for granular coffee beans. We use screw filling systems for powdered coffees. We reduce the human labor to a minimum with the finished product conveyors that pack the product with auto feeding conveyors for automatic feeding. Stick ready coffee packages are filled in the desired number of boxes fully automatically with automatic packaging systems.

Coffee is now a very consumed drink. It is divided into many sub-categories.

1. Granule Coffee Packaging

Granule coffee can be a coffee bean or a ready-made gold coffee. Two different methods are applied in granule coffee packaging. The first is to measure the products through volumetric volume containers, and the second is to weigh the products through balance filling systems. Since the granule coffee is self-fluid, screw filling system is not used. Because screw can damage coffee beans.

2. Powder Coffee Packaging

Powder coffee is the most consumed form of coffee. Turkish coffee, for example. Turkish coffee is found in powder form. Or Nescafe classic ready-made coffee. It’s powder again. Screw filling system is used in powder coffee packaging. Because powdered coffee is not a liquid product. For this reason, the screws are used to make the powder coffee liquid. The coffee between the rotating screws is poured into packages according to desired grammage. Multi-channel stickpack coffee machines use a separate and independent servo motor for each channel. Thus, the desired channel can be adjusted independently, and the accuracy of the weight is provided.

3. Ground Coffee Packaging

Coffee beans are ground. And this product, which comes from ground coffee, is filled with vertical filling machines to the desired grammage packages. Volumetric filling machine or screw filling machine is preferred depending about the coffee grinded here. Usually ground coffee packets are designed as Quatro packets.

4. Instant Coffee Packaging

Coffee is naturally insoluble in water. Instant coffee is very simple, when mixed with water it is ready-to-drink. In this essence, the brewed coffee is dried. Why Instant coffee?

The answer is very short and clear: convenience and speed.

Nestlé, especially with its 3 1-way product, has changed the coffee habits of most cultures and achieved an enormous volume of sales. Then there were other producers all over the world and various flavors such as hazelnuts and chocolate were added to these drinks. As a result, Instant coffee is half of the world’s coffee today and millions of stick pack coffee is consumed every day. As TurPack, we want to be part in this spirit. With our 8-channel and 10-channel coffee packaging machines, our position is solid and safe as a manufacturer in the ready coffee market with a speed of up to 400 per minute.

5. Coffee Bean Packaging

Filter coffee is one of the most accurate choices to keep your coffee fresh for a long time. These coffee beans must be carefully packaged so that they don’t get air. Coffee bean packaging is also packed in a vertical filling and packaging machine group, which we make as TurPack. When the coffee beans are packaged, you can grind your coffee as you wish to drink fresh, and you can enjoy it by choosing the one that is best for you by means of different coffee brewing methods.

Coffee Packaging Machines

As TurPack, coffee packaging machines we manufacture, and export are divided into two separate groups.

1. Stickpack Machines (Stickpack Coffee Packaging Machine)

Stickpack machines are ideal for single-use coffee. Volumetric filling system is used for granular and granular products and screw filling system is used for powder coffees. For example, Nescafe 3in1 is filled with screw filling system since Coffee is a powder product. As Nescafe Gold Coffee is a granular product, volumetric filling system is used. Stickpack machines are made from multi-channel. Thus, many products are packaged in less time. With 3 channel machines, 100 products can be packaged. With 10-channel multilane stickpack machines, speed can be 400 units per minute.

2. Vertical Filling Machines (Form Fill and Seal Coffee Packaging Machine)

With vertical filling machines, multi-use coffee is packed. For example, 100 grams. Turkish coffee is packed with vertical filling machine. Or 500 grams of coffee beans filling, and packaging machine packed with volumetric filling and packaging machine. Vertical filling machines are divided into 2 sub-groups within themselves. Screw filling for powder coffees, volumetric filling for granular and fluidized coffee beans are used. Vertical filling machines speed up to 50-60 pieces per minute.

Coffee Packaging Methods and Options

In this section, we will give you information on the types of coffee packaging and bag sizes.

Coffee Packaging Dimensions:

Usually prepared coffees are filled into stickpack packs. And again, a general feature in the world 3-in-1 instant coffee is 18 grams and the package width are 35 mm. One side is 35 mm and the other one is 35 mm and with a 5 mm fold share, it has a total width of 80 mm. The bobbin width to be used by an 8-channel stickpack instant coffee machine will be 640 mm.

Custom Coffee Packaging:

Vertical filling machines are used in all kinds of measurements. It is the customer who decides here. For vertical filling machines and Kilo packs, there is no standard on Earth. Custom design is done here

Coffee Packaging and Labeling – Custom Printed coffee packaging

The coffee packaging machine combines two components. The first is the coffee to be packed. This can be seed, granule or powder or ready-made coffee. It doesn’t matter. The other is the packaging film where the coffee will enter. Foil. Packaging materials are a very technical field. In this article I will briefly transfer the main layers of a packaging material to package coffee. First, PE is preferred as a binder to provide bonding. PE dissolves with heat and allows the package to adhere. LDPE and HDPE are divided into two. Low density and high density. PET is a very expensive material. It is used in the coating of cheaper materials and thus provides a barrier to the cheap material that is covered by it. Aluminum foil is used as a binder for laminating applications in Flexible Packaging Production. In addition to the excellent barrier property of the aluminum foil, there is also a decorative side. It is also used in coffee packaging by laminating with aluminum foil and PE. All these materials are suitable for food packaging.

The prepared packaging film is then painted in the desired design in flexo printing machines. And it is made ready for the machine. Printed packaging film connected to the machine meets with coffee and made ready for use by the end consumer.

Packaging Process of Coffee

Coffee packaging process begins with the collection of coffee. Suitable coffee beans are passed through the processes at the desired sizes. Coffee beans or shredded coffee or ready coffee. It doesn’t matter. Coffees prepared for packaging are transferred to coffee storage. The automatic filling unit of the packaging machine carries coffee from Reservoir silos to the machine. This process takes place fully automatically through sensors.

Meanwhile, another process works. Packaging film production as mentioned above. And after the production of printed packaging films are brought to the machine in appropriate coils.

Both coffee and Packaging Film meet in a fully automatic packaging machine. The packaging machine automatically makes the necessary dimensions of the package. Through the necessary filling systems (screw, volumetric or scales), it fills the product into the ready package. That closes its inlet opening. Sets the expiration date. The product is sent to the arms through the finished product conveyor. When the boxes are filled, they are closed automatically, their inlet opening are taped, and they fall into the loading conveyor. It is loaded to the vehicle to be sent here. And a coffee packaging process is thus completed.

Coffee Packaging Ideas

Price of Packaging Machines

The prices of the packaging machine are very variable. First, is the machine semi-automatic coffee packaging machine? Or is it a fully automatic coffee packaging machine? This distinction is very important. Generally, the price of fully automatic coffee making machines is more expensive? Why? Because fewer workers work in the fully automatic packaging machine. Second, there will be fewer errors. Third, is it a more complex machine? There are many coffee packaging machines for sale. When we look at prices, you can find a coffee packaging machine in China for $ 5,000. But in America, $ 200,000 can also be found in coffee packaging. Many different factors play a role in pricing. Quality of the machine, workmanship quality, material quality are the most important factors. In addition, how complex is the machine, how much is the customer-specific machine is important in this issue. Second hand coffee packaging machines are more suitable. Products are not guaranteed because they are used. This is a risk for the end user. That’s why as TurPack we don’t lean towards at the second-hand coffee packaging machine.

Our claim as TurPack is to give the best quality machine according to our price segment to the customer under the best After-Sales Support conditions. That way you’ll get exactly what you exactly paid for. To see our machines and to get detailed information about coffee packaging machines, we would like you to visit our company for a cup of coffee.

Coffee Packaging Example