Our StickPack Machines has been specially created to offer high performance in the packaging process of granular, powdered and liquid products, (sugar, salt, black pepper, ketchup, mayonnaise, honey, mustard, nescafe, 3in1, instant coffee, instant soup, grains, liquids, viscous materials, powders, dairy products, frozen water products). Stickpack machines are suitable for food, hotel and catering to dietary products, fatty products and cosmetic in general.

All of our machines are are equipped with a microcomputer ( PLC ), which makes it easy to change settings. Settings and changes are done via a touch panel, which allows for differing package sizes.

“Taylor made equipments to meet customer’s requirements, up to 10 lanes and 500 stickpack/min.

Our Stick pack machines are made out of quality Siemens components. They will enable to design and manufacture elegant, single use packages of free flowing products such as salt, coffee, salt & pepper among others. The machine offers quite a wide range of options and sizes, varying from 16mm to 50mm in width, 45mm to 170mm in length, which gives you the power to make different sized portions for different purposes. The machine has 5 lanes capable of churning out 250-300 stick packs per minute. The machine is CE certified, and is made under the highest standards, to ensure that you will have a long lasting, reliable machine for all of your packaging needs.

As mentioned, the Turpack Stick Pack machine for free flowing products is very functional and simple to use. The system allows you to store some important stick pack data to make sure that future uses are even quicker than before. It is easy to enhance your stick pack and make it look beautiful in the eyes of your customers. Turpack has been providing packaging solutions for customers from 50 different countries, for use in many different industries. Join our many happy customers today with our top quality Stickpack machine for free flowing products.

Stick pack packages are small, convenient, easy to carry and perfect for any kind of products such as sugarcoffeeketchup or mustard. Stickpack can also easily be made into different shapes, colors and sizes, that are lightweight and attractive, creating a wide variety of choices for customers and consumers. For stickpacks, the options are really unlimited and can be easily customized.

The advantages and benefits of Stick package;

Production of Stick packages has many advantages when produced. It offers a price advantage to primarily to customers. It is easy to manufacture. Compared with other packaging styles, stick packs have a much less cost on purchasing film. This will reduce the manufacturing and packaging costs.

Customers a much attracted to small and cute stick packs. It can be easily moved around also the amount inside can be used in one portion and product inside will not go bad before it is intact with the food. Not only liquids Turpack production of its 10 line Sugar stick packaging machine can supply the producer with 500 sticks per minute.

Turpack stick packaging machines are extremely robust. It can work 24 hours over three shifts.