The Turpack Single Satchet Wet Wipes packaging machine is made of 100% stainless steel. You can package single use portion pack, serving size wet tissue. You can customize the size and appearance of the package or satchet to make it look that much nicer in the eyes of your customer. The machine is PLC controlled, touch screen operated, making the setting of different parameters very quick, simple and intuitive. It has a very high output of up to 120 different packages or sachets per minute. The wet wipes packages can come out in a few different sizes. 7 cm wide by 12 cm long, 7 cm by 10 cm, 6 cm by 10 cm, and 6 cm by 8 cm.  Each packed satchet may be injected with up to 15 cc of liquid (you control how much). The machine is very durable, because it is made from the finest components. That’s why it comes with a 2 year guarantee.The Single Sachet Wet Wipes packaging machine really takes care of the entire process for you from start to finish. From folding, severing, liquid injection inside the package, to sealing, cutting, notching (for easy opening of package) as well as counting all packages. the machine can also easily add a barcode and an expiration date for any individually packaged satchet. The four-sided sealing of the satchet makes the stickpack 100% sealed, to maintain the integrity, moisture and sanitary condition of the wet wipe. With a few easy to operate settings, you can modify how the packages look.Video: