As Turpack our vertical filling machines with red lentils, green lentils, chickpeas, bulgur, beans, kidney beans, pasta, rice, ravioli, noodles, products can be packed automatically. Wheat, the main foodstuff in human nutrition, is the most produced cereal product. Pasta is made from wheat and wheat is grown in almost every region of the world. One of the most important reasons for the spread of pasta production was the economic factor. With the establishment of modern factories, pasta production costs have declined considerably. The preservation of the pasta is also easy. Although bread must be consumed in a short time, the pasta can remain in its unpacked state for years. This is a very important issue for producers and consumers. Another economic advantage is the quick cooking of pasta. Cereals; is a group of grains, including barley, wheat, rye, millet, corn, rice, oats. In the packaging sector, it belongs to the granular product group. Cereal products are often requested to be packed in high grams and weights. The reason for the high gram and weights packaging is due to the demand for long-term use of a package product. As with stickpack, sachet packages, it is possible to use the product in one time only and not to use it again. Cereal grains, wheat products are frequently seen in domestic and in-house food products. The main cereals and wheat family, which are the main foods purchased for home life, are usually packed in houses such as 250gr, 500gr, 1000gr, 2500gr, 5000gr. The packaging of this weight and products of grain type is packaged in the machines we call vertical filling and packing machines. Vertical filling and packaging machines are suitable for filling products for granular products.

Vertical Filling and Packing Machine with Weigher Scales:

Pulses filling and packing machine, pasta filling and packing machine, rice filling and packing machine, ravioli filling and packing machine, chips filling and packing machine etc. What we can say is that it has a wide range of all granular products. Having a wide range of products is due to the ability to weigh the product to be filled. The packaging process of the vertical filling and packing machine with scale is as follows.

Transfer of products to the machine;

There is a possibility that the products will be transported to the vertical filling and packaging machine in two ways. The first one is the first transfer of the products to the machine by automatically discharging the balance from the second floor of the machine to the machine hopper. Secondly, transfer of the products to the machine by means of the elevator from ground level and can be moved around then releasing the product into the machine hopper and then to the scales of the machine.

After the transfer of the products to the hopper of the machine, the hopper is weighed in advance on the basis of the determined values ​​by weighing the weight from its own screen or in a combinatorial manner. Combination weighing is a weighing application performed on multi-scale scales. The weighed products are left to the relevant area of ​​the machine at the desired weight. After that, the machine packs the products left in the relevant section and leaves them on the conveyor if they are on the ground or on the conveyor and continues the filling and packaging process by repeating the other operations from the beginning.

Weighing and packing machines with pulses, rice, pasta, pastry etc. Weighing and packaging, weighing, packing and packaging of our machines from 10 gr to 5000 gr.

Weigher Scale machines are manufactured in various countries. For example, in Japan, Germany production is between 100 – 200,000 EUR, while Chinese production varies between 5 – 20,000 USD. The difference is between the products and quality of the function and weighing sensitivity.

Volumetric Vertical Filling and Packaging Machine:

Volumetric vertical filling and packaging machine can be used to pack cereals, barley, wheat, rye, millet, corn, rice, pasta, oats and so on. All pulses and granular products can be packed with this machine. Vertical filling and packaging machine are used to fill the product with weighing scales, but not by weighing the volume of the product. In volumetric evaluation, the volume and weight of each product are important for volumetric filling. Volumetric filling unit is filled with containers or cups. These containers are manufactured according to the product size and weight to be filled. For example, we will be packing chickpeas from the group of pulses. In this case, the desired filling range on the machine should be determined first. Suppose that 250g and 500g will be filled. Chickpea filling and packing machine should be produced according to 250r and 500g volume of volumetric containers. Containers are produced and placed on the machine and the desired filling is performed. If 250 g chickpeas are to be filled, 250 g containers will be placed in the volumetric filling unit.

Volumetric filling and packaging machines are not suitable for packing a very variable number of weights. Because a separate set of volumetric containers for each weight will need to be produced. 7 or 8 volumetric cups / sections are produced for each weight and placed on the dosing unit. This change is only performed on the volumetric unit. The difference between the volumetric filling and the leveled scales lies here. We produce volumetric filling units as Turpack ourselves. The fact that volumetric filling units are our own production and the scales are very low costs cause our volumetric filling and packaging machines to produce a nearly half-lower price table from the weighing and packaging machines. This is a remarkable factor for the client / company.

Package Types in Vertical Filling and Packaging Machines

Vertical filling and packaging machines are available in several different packaging forms. These are pillow package, gusseted package, quadro package, doypack package etc. as.

Packages vary according to product and customer requirements. Cereals, barley, wheat, rye, millet, corn, chickpeas, rice, pasta, oats and so on. For products such as pillow package is often the preferred packages.

Pillow Packages:

The pillow package is a form of package which is similar to the pillow pack we know and which remains in a horizontal status. On Vertical packaging machines the pillow package shape is the easiest packet style to produce. Since the above mentioned products are basic food products, the pillow package is the most preferred reason.

Gusseted Packages:

Gusseted packages can stand upright. As such, it is preferred as a showcase product. The gusset packets are packages that can show itself and the brand on it. Pillow package and Gusset packages can change forms with a small additional feature installed on the same vertical filling and packing machine.

Quadro Packages:

Quadro packages are packages that can stand upright on the ground, such as gusset packages, but are more fancy and molded packages. Quadro packages are made with four side seams (glued) on the sides. For this reason, quadro packages are made on vertical packaging machine but due to the difference in the relevant section and mechanism on the vertical package machines with pillow and gusset packages, the quadro packages cannot be done on the same machine.

Doypack Packages:

Doypack packages is one of the other displayable packages that can also stand upright on a flat surface. There are those with re-sealable zip locks, no zip locks, and lid-like mechanisms. Thanks to the zip locks and cover mechanism, it allows the consumer to open and close the packets and to use the packets again.

Cereals, wheat, red lentils, chickpeas, beans, kidney beans, pasta, rice, ravioli, noodles etc. With our filling and packaging machines, we are able to meet the customer needs in the field of vertical filling and horizontal packaging machines.

Determination of the product to be filled and with determining the filling quantity of the product, you can contact our Turpack personal to help you choose the machine that is the most suitable solution for your requirements.