Volumetric Cup Filling Machine

VFFS (Vertical Form Fill Seal) Cup Filling Machines

TURPACK the leading manufacturer of Vertical Form Fill Seal machines is the ideal packaging equipment for a variety of industries. Our high speed TP-V101 Volumetric Cup Filler has earned a well-deserved industry reputation as reliable, accurate and durable. This cup filler economically fills dry, free flowing particulate granular products such as rice, sugar, beans, cereal, candy, popcorn, nuts, coffee beans and more. With our Volumetric Cup Filler, cups of varying sizes can be easily inserted within minutes to address your diverse product fill needs! Adjusting cups offer the ability to fine tune the fill weight to ensure all your packets have right amount of product inside. With several models to choose from, and custom cup filling solutions available, you can find the right cup filling machines to fit your equipment line right here at TURPACK. Tell us what you need, and we’ll be happy to provide you with the perfect VFFS Cup Filler to fit your needs.

Why TURPACK supplies the best VFFS Cup Filling Machines?

TURPACK’s goal is to provide all our customers with quality dry filling equipment that gets the job done right and saving you time, money and the hassle of an unreliable cup filler. TURPACK’s dedicated to providing all our customers with the highest quality cup filling machine solutions in the industry, with superior technical service and after sales service to back it up! In fact, some of our cup fillers have remained in profitable daily operation for nearly 10 years with little the minimum amount of maintenance done on the machine! High quality for a low price….. TURPACK is the one.

VFFS 4 Side Sealing Machines

TURPACK TP-401 models forms, fills and seals 4 side seal sachets for liquids, powders, granulates and pasty products. Provided with a 400mm reel diameter, it is designed for high and medium production outputs which require high quality sealing. It can be driven by servo motors and provided with an PLC Touch Screen containing easy settings. It is very flexible in terms of format as it is capable to form a sachet with tear notch, different shapes and to change the amount of sachets perforation through the touch screen. Features on the TP-401 includes a easy to use touch screen panel and PLC controlled, easy maintenance and the capability to add extra features like thermal date coding for variable data required on the sachets.  As an advancement in sachet form, fill, and seal solutions, the TP-401 provides strong driving systems powered by servo motors, Auger dosing for powders, cup dosing for granules, solids and piston pressure for liquids and pasty products.

Why TURPACK supplies the best 4 Side Sealing Machines?

TURPACK has over 10 years of experience in automatic machine manufacturing.  Our product portfolio and experience in the market makes it likely that we have worked with a similar product to yours and can utilize this experience to help create the right solution for your kind of packaging. Serving our machines to over 50 countries world wide TURPACK Packaging Machines offer a range of packaging equipment like our 4 Side Sealing Machine. TURPACK offers flexible packaging and very affordable packaging solutions by using standardized modular components. No matter how difficult of a product it is TURPACK Machines can offer you the best packaging solutions and we mean it.