Turkish Packaging Machines And Stickpack Machines Prices

Turpack machines are manufactured as full automatic packaging machines. The machines are most suitable for flowing, granular, round granular products. For single use granular products such as sugarsaltgold coffee our Stickpack Machines are the perfect machines for packaging. Starting from 5 Lanes the sugar stickpack machines can can be ordered up to 12 lanes. Also with the 12 lanes stickpack machines you can have the option of packing Granular products such as salt and pepper as well. Automatic salt packing machine can produce with a maximum speed of 600 pcs per minute. For further details and prices on our high tech Sugar Stickpack Machines please contact Turpack Industry by phone, just call 0090 555 976 83 67 or

Apart from the sugar stickpack machines, Turpack manufactures stickpack machines suitable for liquid filling for semi-liquid and gel like products such as butterketchupmayonnaisehoneychocolatemargarine. The number of lanes that can be ordered on the liquid stick filling machine depends on the width of the product. It can be ordered with a minimum of 3 lanes and can go up to 8 lanes. On our 8 lane machine you can produce up to 300 sticks per minute. In addition, with our liquid stick filling machines olive oilwater and completely liquid type products such as milklemonade can be packed as well.

Apart from granules and liquid products, our customers requests for Stickpack Powder Filling Machines which is also in our range of production. The type of powders most suitable for our machines are powder sugarnescafeclassic coffeeinstant coffee and 3 in 1 three in one coffee, neskafe, spicesyeastflour etc. All powder type products are packed with the support of the Auger Screw Filling System which fills the powder into formed stickpack. Just like a liquid stick pack machine our auger screwed powder filling machine starts from 3 lanes and can go up to 8 lanes. Filling of all kinds of single use powder products you can contact us for prices and further information.

The machines mentioned above are classed under full automatic vertical filling machines category. Apart from this, our horizontal packaging machines especially the packaging of the single use wet wipes and all kind of products are packed into 4 Side Sealed SachetsHorizontal filling and packaging machines are entirely manufactured of stainless steel, a simple change of the filling system unit gives you the advantage of filling from powder soup, yeast to liquid sauce, wet wipes, tang, or ready made products such as fruit juice and other single use products which are packed in 4 side sealed envelope type packet.Most commonly either via email or over the phone we recieve inquiries for Second hand stick pack machines. We would like to mention that as Turpack we only manufacture brand new machines and specially designed machines for our customers. For used vertical packaging machines if you search on google for second-hand packaging machines you will find the online marketplaces or direct contact details of the used packaging machines and who it is sold by.