Sugar is the main sweetening material that the modern world cannot give up. Thousands of tons of sugar are consumed on Earth every day. Well how much sugar is in front of the end user. Of course with sugar packing machine. Sugar packaging machine is one of the most important machine groups in the packaging machinery sector. When it comes to sugar packaging, there are 3 different sugar packaging systems. The most important of these is the stick sugar packaging machine.

1. Stick Sugar Packing Machine

Today, No matter what cafe we go today, on the table, we see small packages with 4 g of single-use sugar in a long, thin form. Here are the disposable stick candy packages. It may or may not be the logo of the enterprise. Stick sugar packages, which are usually printed on business, can be slightly more expensive than standard printed stick candy packages. Businesses are getting more and more attention to stick candy packaging business since they have a natural advertising medium and because they are an economical and fast packaging type. Apart from these disposable stick sugar packages, the second most common sugar packaging work is carried out by the cube sugar packaging machine. As TurPack we can produce 600 stick candy packages per minute with our 12-channel stick candy packaging machines.

2. Cube Sugar Packing Machine

Cube candies are a type of packaging widely used in the past. Two cubes of sugar trapped next to the base of the tea was a very common way of presenting sugar to a customer. Today, its popularity is decreasing day by day. Businesses no longer prefer sugar cubes. The first is that there is a lot of waste in the sugar cubes. Some of the customers do not use sugar, drop them on the table or the sugar that comes with the tea becomes wet and cannot be used. Another problem is that hygiene is low. Manual contact, or reuse of sugars on the table are some of the troublesome aspects of sugar cubes. Nowadays, to overcome these problems, the sugar cube sugar machine is derived and the sugar cubes are now offered to the customer in a printed and wrapped state. The third and final type of sugar packaging is the kilo packages.

3. Kilo Sugar Packing Machine

1 kg or half kilo or 3 kilo of sugar packets we see on market shelves are included in this group. As a sugar packaging machine, either balance system machines are used or volumetric system machines are used. If the sugar is too powdered, the screw system vertical filling machines are also used for powdered sugar packaging. The difference between these machines and stick sugar machine is that they are single-channel. Speed is low, but the weight of the package is high.

As TurPack machine, we also produce 3 types of sugar packaging machines. We don’t sell second hand sugar packaging machines. But if you are planning to enter into the sugar packaging business or if your present business is on sugar packaging, we would like to welcome you to our office in Istanbul Bayrampasa for a cup of coffee to share our 12 years of sugar packaging experience.