Stick packaging machine is nowadays used in many sectors. In particular, single-use single-portion product packaging is completely made with stick packaging machines. The disposable sugar packages we see on the table in a cafeteria today are the most popular stick packaging machine. Or the small disposable ketchup, mayonnaise or barbecue sauces next to the pizza we ordered with the package service are also the products of the stick packaging machine.

So what is this stick packing machine? Since the products produced are in the form of a thin long stick, these disposable packages are not very different from the single-channel large package packaging machine. The only difference between large packets is that they can produce one packet at a time in a single channel, while Stick machines can produce more than one packet at a time, and the packets produced are usually single-use. Apart from that, all working principles of the machine are different from other conventional packaging machines. As TurPack machine, today, it produces stick package machines up to 12 or even 15 channels. Thus, packaging companies can receive up to 600 packages in 1 minute. With multi-channel stick packaging machine, liquid products such as hundreds of thousands of sticks, or salt or ketchup, mayonnaise, olive oil can be packaged in a short time. The reason why it is so popular is that it is cheap, ease of use, portability and waste prevention. Since enterprises take advantage of stick packaging products, the use of stick packaging products is increasing day by day.

Another issue is the second hand stick packaging machine. It may not be a good idea to buy a second hand stick packaging machine if it is not a reliable brand. We do not recommend the second hand stick packaging and packaging machine because there will be no manufacturer warranty. There are a lot of stick packaging machines in the market today. Our advice to customers is to visit all manufacturers and buy the most appropriate machine in terms of price & performance.

Only restaurant owners do not like Stick packs. Packaging companies are also involved in the production of stick packages as a result of the possibility of producing a lot in less than one square meter. The stick packaging machine, especially multi-channel machines, leaves a serious profit margin to the manufacturer. It is an advantageous gain gate with ease of use and the possibility of producing too much in a short time. To use a multi-channel stick packaging machine, only one operator is required. The operator or operator can only focus on their own work, especially since a machine from a reliable machine manufacturer is technically reliable. TurPack machine is a machine manufacturer specializing in multi-channel stick packing machine with 12 years experience. It is a reliable manufacturer who has proved itself in the packaging machine sector with a number of installations over 500 machines not only in Turkey but also in more than 80 countries. 80% of production is exported abroad.