Stick and Sachet Packaging machines today and tomorrow..

Stick and Sachet Packaging machines today and tomorrow..

The use of stick and sachet packaging machines, which started with the introduction of the Japanese company Sanko 45 years ago for the first time has had an increasing trend over the course of time. Parallel to the development of technology the variability in human life styles increases the interest in these machines.

The first purpose of usage for stick and sachet packaging machines started for frequently consumed basic products and groups such as sugar, salt and coffee. Today, the demand of new needs in parallel with people’s lifestyles has caused the machinery industry to invest in engineering according to the consumers requests and requirements. In parallel with the necessity of single servings of ketchup, mayonnaise and various sauces to the customers in personal disposable packages, machine manufacturers have developed themselves in this particular sector of packaging liquid products.

In parallel with the developing events that happened in the 2020s, people’s online shopping demands, restaurants, cafes, etc businesses have increased their takeaway sales. This resulted in serving sauces, salt, pepper and even disposable wet wipes to customers during this service they provided.

Disposable stick and sachet package alternatives have become increasingly common for athlete protein powders, collagen and various other food supplement powders, which must be made in large packages and has a short shelf life after being opened.

The increasing awareness of hygiene these days, disposable wet wipe sachets and disposable stick disinfectant have an increasing demand today. Single use wet wipes provide a fresh and refreshing affect to the user all the time, with the combination of non-woven wipes that provide hygiene in the package and different fragrances.

Disposable packages are becoming more and more common in low-income regions as well. In countries where the economic level makes it difficult to buy large packages, single-use packages allow the customers to reach the product they need in small quantities at a affordable price. Buying products such as milk powder, coffee, detergent for single use as much as they require at the time rather then buying big boxes and packages. Single use or single packets have caused it to become widespread in these regions as well.

Stick and sachet machines also contribute to the consumption of food producers by maintaining the freshness of their products for a long time. After the bottle of ketchup is opened, its shelf life is shortened. Whereas with single-used packages when they are opened it is used at that time, the remaining un-opened packages allow the customer to store them by protecting the freshness of the product same as the first day. In addition, while the unit price of 100 grams of ketchup in a bottle is lower, the same amount of product is filled into disposable sticks or sachet packages, allowing the manufacturer to make more profitable sales. This situation leads companies that focus on growth in the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics sectors to invest in this type of machinery. Pharmaceutical packaging machines and cosmetic packaging machines are also becoming more and more common. Products such as spices and pulses are also becoming widespread in food packaging machinery.

Stick and sachet machines meet the needs in parallel with the life styles developed by the manufacturer. In parallel with this, it has become demanded by the customer and its use is becoming more widespread. It has been determined that there is a growing market in this respect. This demand is expected to increase in the near future.

Packaging machines produced as horizontal, vertical, single lane or multi lane are developed according to the demands of manufacturers and customers. In this sense, companies with advanced engineering infrastructure have entered a growth trend with the special solutions they offer to their customers.

The demand for these machines has revived both the new packaging machine and the used packaging machinery sector. In Turkey, there are packaging machine manufacturers in the Marmara region, especially in Istanbul, and in Bursa, Izmir, Konya and Gaziantep. Around the world, packaging machine manufacturers are located in China, India, Italy, Spain, Germany and America as well as Turkey. Turpack does not sell used packaging machines. You can learn and read more about the packaging machines from this link.

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