• Weight Range:1-50 gr (Adjustable)
  • Bag Width:40-120 mm (Adjustable)
  • Bag Length:Max 170 mm ( Adjustable )
  • Filling System:Auger Dosing (3 to 10 Lanes)
  • Speed*:30 sachet/lane/min
  • Application:Suitable for packing non free flowing products, such as coffee cream, instant soup, lemon powder, instant drink powder, flour, powdery chemicals, medical powders etc.


Machine Description

This fully automatic packaging machine that is designed to prepare 4 side sealed sachet-type packages, and to place untouched non free flowing powdered products.

Cream, coffee, mix flour, powdered beverages, black pepper, powder, cinnamon, soups, yeast, milk powder, salep, dough, baking powder and similar products that have no self-fluidity can be packaged with precise with the support of the auger screws that is used on the filling system of this machine. The machine can produce 60 pcs/min using 2 lanes and 120 pcs with 4 lanes.

If you intend to pack ready made instant soup powders then the machine will be a single lane machine.


This machine is ideal for producing sachets for coffee, fine sugar, pepper, health tea, milk powder, instant soup etc.

The machine is controlled by a PLC system and with a large touch screen. There is a clear interface that can be easily understood.

Data & values are entered into the machine for intelligent protection to maximize the yield and reduce wastage while maintaining machine stability. The machine will automatically stop functioning and display the failure information in the event of temperature control failure, heater burn-out failure, photocell failure or even when the machine runs out of film.

All these advanced features make the machine very stable and easy to use, thus resulting in high performance and low wastage at a very attractive cost.