• Weight Range:5-70 ml
  • Min. Sachet Size:L:50mm W:50mm
  • Max. Sachet Size:L:130mm W:150mm
  • Capacity:40-75 pcs/min
  • Applications:Suitable for packing liquid and paste products, like ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, honey, and liquid gel cosmetics such as shampoo, liquid soap etc.
  • *:Depending on product, filling quantity and packaging material quality.


Machine Description

Horizontal Liquid Filling Machines allow fluid and dense liquids to be packed as the desired milli-grams into disposable sachets which are filled and sealed as a 4 Side Sealed Sachet. The fully automatic horizontal liquid filling machines are the most suitable solutions for food packing, especially cosmetics, chemistry, medicine, cleaning and so on. Liquid filling machines are made entirely of stainless steel and antibacterial materials at the same time. Therefore, the liquid filling processes can always be done with maximum hygiene. Our Liquid filling machines being fully automatic allows the operator to make all the settings and adjustments from the touch screen via using the SIEMENS PLC. The packet widths are flexible. Both the width and height of the sachets can be changed depending on demand, this gives the customer a flexible usage. This is the biggest difference between our Horizontal liquid filling machines and our Vertical liquid filling machines. The biggest advantage of our TP HL-001 model is that it is very flexible in terms of changing the width of the sachets. By using FESTO pneumatic parts and the liquid filling system controlled by KOLL MORGEN servo motors, it is very efficient in terms of filling in milligrams. Therefore the error of margin within the filling process is reduced to the minimum.

The speed of the machine is 60-75 pcs/min. We have an extremely user friendly structure. It’s easy to use, won’t cause any problems. Simple, fast, flexible and robust machine. We work with the best of the world in electronics, pneumatic parts such as SIEMENS, FESTO, KOLL MORGEN, SICK. The machine is 100% guaranteed for 2 years in electronic, pneumatic and mechanic.