Olive Oil Packaging Machine

Ready-to-serve salads in catering companies, ready-to-eat food companies and supermarkets, especially airlines, come with single-use stick olive oil packages. Olive oil can be simply filled with olive oil plus lemon mixture can also be on the same machine. With olive oil machine, liquid products such as water, milk, lemon juice, lemonade can be packaged. Olive oil is a healthy food ingredient that has become popular with the day. As people become conscious, the demand for olive oil is constantly increasing. It will continue to grow in the future. This demand for olive oil increased the demand for disposable olive oil packages. The demand for disposable olive oil stick package has also increased the production of liquid stick filling machine which we produced as TurPack.

At least half of the disposable stick machines that we produce as Turpack today are liquid stick filling machines. Many olive oil packaging machines have been installed in Mediterranean countries such as Italy, Greece and Tunisia.

Olive oil filling machine can be minimum 3 channels. This is our most economical olive oil packaging machine solution. Besides, we have machine production up to 8 channels. The speed of the 8-channel stick olive oil packaging machine can reach upto 300 pcs / minute.

Automatic filling systems are used during the packaging of olive oil. Thus, olives oil stick filling machine can be transferred from hopper without touching the human hand and from there into the stick packages in a fully automatic manner.

Before purchasing the second hand olive oil packaging machine a person should think very well before making the decision. Because olive oil is a sensitive product. And food is a serious business. It requires hygiene. It is very important that the parts of the machine that come into contact with the product are completely stainless steel. We do not sell second hand olive oil packing machine as Turpack. But olive oil packaging machines, which we produce according to customer demand, are delivered to the customer after passing high-level quality checks. All surfaces in contact with the product are made of 316 certified stainless steel. All of the electronics used in the machine are SIEMENS and Pneumatic is FESTO. Turpack olive oil packaging machines, which have no difference in quality from their counterparts in Europe, are a highly economical machine solution in terms of price.

TurPack machine is a reliable solution partner in olive oil packaging solution after 12 years of experience and 500 stick machine installation.