Single Use shampoo stickpack sachets are commenly used in hotels or during travelling process. The carriage is very easy and economical because it is disposable. This is why hotel type shampoo and liquid sopas, which were formerly small disposable bottles have now turned into single use stick or sachet packs.

Single use shampoo packets can be made in 2 types. It can be either 3 side sealed small packages. This is called stickpack packages. The other style is the package is sealed on all 4 sides. This style of packet is called a sachet.

Shampoo Stickpacks are usually 30mm or 35mm wide and 100 mm long. It is filled with 10-12 ml of liquid products. Both the weight and volüme of the product can be adjusted. The package size and weight can be easily changed from the PLC placed on the machine. These stickpacks can also be printed film as well. It can be used as advertisement for hotels or for companys. It is a functional promotional product. Especially suitable for travel. It is a single use product. In low-income countries like Africa, bottle shampoos can also be expensive. As the income level is low within curtain countries, disposable sticks or shampoo packages are becoming more popular every day. Do not think that the shampoo filling machine is only suitable to fill shampoo. With the same machine it is possible to also fill cosmetic products such as liquid soap, shower gel and hand creams.

Cleaning is very important to make sure that the machine will be hygienic. The shampoo or cosmetic filling machines we produce as Turpack are delivered to the end users through extremely sensitive production processes.

Shampoo stick packaging machine prices varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. As Turpack we do not make second hand shampoo filling machines. The most important detail for second hand stick shampoo packaging machines is the manufacturer company. Machines manufactured by some brands / companies are accepted on the market. The stick shampoo packaging machines produced by Turpack Machine which were sold 12 years ago, are still working smoothly and making producers happy.

Generally, the produced stick shampoo machines are usually produced with 3 lanes, 6 lanes and 8 lanes. Turpack Makine has increased its production of 8 lane stick shampoo filling machines in recent years and has been increasing its strength with partnership agreements signed with cosmetics and co-packing companies in Europe. 3 lane sugar stick pack machines can 100 sticks/per / minute, a 6 lane shampoo filling machine will produce 200 sticks/per / min. With the 8 lane machine, it will be able to produce 270 sticks/per / min. This machine uses PE coated 3 ply film material. The film rolls which will be used on the packaging machines has to be printed which is done with flexo printing machines.

Shampoo Stick packs or sachet are becoming more popular day by day due to the disposable term of them which makes them both economical and hygienic as well. Today, especially in hotel chains and travel processes they come in small packages for single use. These stick shaped packages have received the stick pack name because it looks like a normal tree stick. The shampoo stick packaging business has become very popular today, although it has only been a while since it was invented.

Optional Elements:

These sachets and stick packs can be produced in chain a form or commonly known as Perforation. It can be produced as a 2 pack or 5 pack or 10 pack chain. Date Coding is used to print the expiration date and production dates. To carry the finished products we highly recommend our conveyor belts which will carry the finished products to the box, the automatic feeding system is also used to feed the shampoo continuously to the machine hopper.

In addition, the easy open tear notch feature is also available as an optional component so that the packages can be opened easily. You can contact us to gather more information or inquiry about multi lane shampoo filling machines and find out the cost. Turpack is a reliable manufacturer with 2 years full warranty, we have more than 600 machines installed around the World in 80 different countries together with unconditional customer satisfaction.