Turpack Industry produces 2 type of salt packaging machines. One is single dose sachet machines. With salt packing machines and pepper packing machines you can packages salt in both sachets and stick pack.Turpack Industry launches a new model. 10 lanes stickpack salt packaging machine. With this machine you can produce 450 pcs / min. stick salt. This machine is very high quality and very fast. All our machines come with 2 years fully guarantee.Electronic components are German brands. We use SIEMENS PLC and touchscreen. For penumatic parts we use German brand FESTO. All our sensors are SICK. Although this high quality components turpack salt packaging machine price is very competitive.Our stickpack machine you can produce not only SALT but also black pepper. Dosing system is volumetric. With same machine volumetric cup containers you can package 0,25 gr black pepper and 1 gr salt. Weight of sachets are adjustable. You can adjust the weight of sachets very easily. Twinpack System : We produce stickpack machines  which is suitable to pack salt and pepper separately into the two joined sachets. As Turpack, we are the manufacturer of best salt packaging machines in Turkey. We are the supplier of best stickpack machine manufacturer company in Turkey.SINGLE DOSE STICK PACKAGING MACHINES: MANY DIFFERENT APPLICATIONS AND PRODUCTS With salt stickpack machines you can fill different products and you can use the same machine for different applications. Machine can be extended to all product packets like black pepper, sugar, granule coffee, granular chemicals etc.For sale  and more informations, technical specifications , videos and pictures and prices about stick salt packaging machine please visit our product page.

The other machine type is Vertical Form Fill and Seal machine. With this volumetric dosing VFFS machine you  can produce  1 kg and 2 kg bags.

All vertical form fill and seal packaging machines of the Turpack Industry production range can be used for this pilllow type of packaging:In particular, Volumetric dosing packaging process machines can be used to produces classic 1 kg bags. Or less than 1 kg. For instance 50 gr or 200 gr or 500 gr. Generally in supermarket we see 1 kg or 2 kg salt bags. Our machine’s weight range starts from 50 gr and up to 5 kg. For small bags vertical perforation also possible. For this reason, salt packing machines are generally volumetric dosing. Some customers ask auger dosing machine for salt filling but auger dosing is not suitable for salt because of the fact that salt is free flowing product and it flows down from aguer screws. Thats why we recommend our customers volumetric dosing vertical form fill and seal machine.Salt is not expensive product. So productivity is very important.  Our volumetric dosing VFFS machine is very simple and compact. We use high quality components and workmanship. Machine never break down and stop. If stops we solve the problem as soon as possible. Generally in the same day we send spare parts via DHL. Another point is not only machine should work without any problem but also machine works minimum operator cost. There is an auto feeding system to feed the machine automatically. This is optional but we recommend our customers. With this screw elevator, machine works 24 hours without stopping. There are sensors inside the machine hopper. When the product comes too much and machine hopper is full, auto feeding stops, when the product decreased inside the hopper auto feeding system starts to feed the machine. System works automatically. Other optional features are, date coder, finished product conveyor and boxing systems.