With powder product packaging machines coffee, cream, milk powder, starch, chili, chili powder, additives, pesticides, henna and so on powder products can be packed. (Powdered sugar, milk powder, coffee, Turkish coffee, chocolate powder, green tea, pharmaceutical powder, energy drink, protein powder, henna) powder and non-free flowing products you can use our TURPACK packing machines. Turpack engineers design and manufacture the appropriate machine according to the characteristics of the powdered product, the size of your package and the required capacity. Turpack packaging machines use the auger screw filling system when packing powder products. For precise filling of powder products is possible with specially crafted auger screws made according to the product. Especially disposable products such as coffee and milk powder are packed with stick powder filling machines. In powder packing machines, the product is discharged into the package by turning the auger screw. The filling process ends when it reaches the desired weight. The precision of the screw filling machines is very high. Usually a screw or belt conveyor can be used as the feeding element of the machine. If the intended product to fill is hard-flowing material, vibration or impact units can be added to the machine to relieve the flow. Automatic feeding system can be added to the powder packing machine as an option. This unit can also be automated if the entire system is automatically considered. Thus the entire system operates independently and automatically.

Turpack powder filling and packaging machines are mainly used in the food industry, cosmetics, detergent, pharmaceutical agricultural products and so on. It is in demand in many different sectors. Some examples of the food sector are coffee, carbonate, powdered sugar, flour, all kinds of powdered spices, milk powder. Powder coatings for the chemical industry, and non-liquid powder products. Examples include baby powder and detergent cosmetics. Powder packaging machines are usually divided into two groups. Semi automatic powder filling machines and fully automatic powder filling machines. Fully automatic powder filling machines are packed fully automatically without any human hands touching it. The carrier is co-ordinated by the auger screw and machine sensors. When the hopper is full, the hopper filler sensor starts and stops the filling process. When it reaches a certain level, the sensor on the hopper sends a signal to stop filling. This means that the coordinated work will run automatically. Human intervention is very low. In semi-automatic machines, the machine adjusts the weight by means of the auger screw, a worker holds the ready pack in front of the machine’s filling head and then the sealing of the bag will be done manual with heated wire sealing.

Precision / Sensitivity

Powder filling machines can be single lane vertical filling machines or multi-lane stick filling machines. On the stick filling machines, if the customer wants precision in each packet, a servo motor must be installed on each lane. Thus, all filling lanes can be individually adjusted. Servos provide precision. As Turpack we use Siemens and Kollmorgen servo motors.

Siemens servo motors are of German origin, our Kollmorgen servo motors are from the United States. The filling accuracy of the pneumatic or electric motor drives and the servo motor drives are separate from each other. For example, when filling with the electric motor and the product is 3-in-1 coffee powder filling machine, there is a sensitivity of +/- 0.4 0.5 g, and with servo motor this sensitivity is +/-0.3gr.

When packing high valued powder products on the packaging machines, waste and lost of product can turn into high costing, so the customers prefer the machine to be with servo motors. If the products to be filled are cheap and the losses are not important, the customers demand that the filling system can be AC electric motorized. Another reason for this demand is the cost and price figures. Servo motor prices are quite expensive compared to AC motors.

Package shapes

The most common package-shaped in powder filling machine is the pillow type packet. The pillow type package is the most common package sealed on three sides and is one of the most common packages. If the customer wants to fill more volume with the same width, the package can be gusset. The difference between the gusset package and the pillow package is that the pillow package cannot stand upright on the market shelf. As the lower part of the gusset packages is wider, it can stand on the market shelf. In addition to this, there are also doypack packages, and stand up and quadro packages can be shown as examples of powder filling machines. Doypack packs are available with zip locks, non-zip locks and with lids. Quadro packages are included in the group of flashy packages. The quadro package is also preferred for valuable filling products and products requiring advertising. Pillow package and gusset packages can be made on the same vertical machines, while quadro and doypack packages can be made on individual machines. There are 4 main machine groups within Turpack. Stickpack filling and packaging machines, four-side sachet package filling and packing machines, vertical filling and packaging machines and horizontal filling and packaging machines. Powder products can be packed in all 4 machine groups. They are known as stick packaging powder filling and packaging machines, four side sachet packaging powder filling and packaging machines, vertical powder filling and packaging machines, horizontal powder filling and packaging machines.

Yeast packaging can be done by horizontal packaging machines with a servo motor and auger screw placed on the machine filling system on the horizontal powder filling and packaging machines.

All of our machines are made of SS316 stainless steel. SS316 stainless steel the European Union has classified it as a food-compliant substance standard.

If the customer demands, all the outer construction of the machine should be made of stainless steel. This means that the inside and outside of the machine is made of stainless steel.

Powder filling and packaging machine prices are different, but the company, quality features ordered and country factors can determine the prices. Stick powder filling machine, sachet powder filling machine prices in USD currency in China start from $5000, in Turkey the cost of this machine is around €15000 – €25000 EUR, in Europe it is around €30000 – €50000 EUR. Vertical powder filling machine prices in China start from $10000 – $15000 USD, in Turkey it is around €20000 – €50000 EUR and in Europe the price range is between €50000 – €100000 EUR.

Another feature that we use in powder packaging machines is that we eliminate this problem with two preventive solutions if dusting is occurs during the filling process.

Anti-dust system

The first of these options is the standard dust vacuum unit with where it will extract the excess dust to stop preventing the spreading of the powder product by pulling extracting the dust and avoiding it to not getting in the sealing areas of the packages.

Second option is a Professional vacuum, allowing the re-usage of the product by storing the entrained powder product in its reservoir. With this device, all paths from which the dust passes from where it was taken from , it will then send it to the reservoir of the vacuum device and its completely stored, protected from the outter environment. In this way, if we are filling a valuable powder product, we can keep the product and stop it to escape during the filling process and re-use the product with our vacuum device.

Our company’s powder filling machines, which have always kept customer satisfaction in the forefront, can work smoothly for years. Our machines are delivered to our customers with high performance, weight and high level after sales support assurance as well. For more detailed information about our powder filling machines, please click here. Or you can contact us on the contact page.