Any products such powder, granular or liquid detergents must be packaged in materials like plastic, which never affect detergents and are not affected by them in return. Liquid and Synthetic Detergents are never to be sold in open bags. Therefore, detergents are submitted into market in plastic, metal or other suitable containers which shall never affect properties of the detergent. The detergent filling machine must be high quality and be manufactured under suitable conditions for detergent packaging.

SPEED IS : 60 bags/min

All settings such as packaging length, drag rate, etc., are checked by the detergent filling machines manufactured by Turpack on a touch display. With Turpack detergent packaging machines, you never experience any problems like other similar machines. You work without any loss especially in our pressed packages. Although the main product is a detergent, we may package any hygienic products such as powder detergents, liquid detergents, cosmetics, bleaches, etc., easily in our machines.