Products such as powders, granules or liquid detergents should be packaged with materials that do not affect detergents such as plastic and are not affected by it. Liquid and synthetic detergents are never sold openly. Therefore, it is introduced into the market in plastic, metal or similar packaging material which will not affect the detergent properties. Detergent filling machine must be of good quality and must be manufactured in accordance with the conditions of detergent packaging. With the Vertical Weigher filling machine, powder detergents can be packed at high speed.

The detergent filling machines produced by Turpack, packaging size & length, pulling speed etc, all of these settings can be commanded from the touch screen control. As with its counterparts, you won’t have a constant synchronization problem. Especially working with printed packages / film the loss of film will be cut down to the minimum. The main product is detergent, but our packaging machines are built to pack products like powder detergent, liquid detergent, cosmetics, bleach and so on. You can easily pack hygiene products as well.

Today, detergent is one of the most packaged chemical products. We can see it on the shelves when we go to the stores or markets. Detergent packages may be presented in many different forms and weights. Detergent liquid, detergent powder and detergent are divided into three parts as granules. It’s the powder product we’re talking about. Powder detergent packaging machines are packed with weighing machines. The hopper has a portion that senses the weight and when the desired weight is filled, it closes the filling and deploys the product into the package. The product is filled into the package with a tool called vibration. Filling machines are supplied with both powder and granular detergent. Another detergent filling and packing machine is volumetric machine with a volumetric filling system. On this machine, the volume is produced in the required weight and then detergent filling is provided. The detergent is filled into volumetric containers and then filled into the package. The detergent product that is filled into these volumetric containers pass through the filling pipe into the sachet. The product can be filled and packed in granular form with the volumetric filling system. The biggest advantage of this machine is that it is cheap and fast. Volumetric containers can be adjusted. For example, if the volumetric container is set to 500 gr, it can be filled with 400 – 600 grams. So we can +/-100gr. A small container can be placed into the volumetric cups and then this way you can pack 250gr. Or you can fill 1 kg by rotating the cups 2 times each cup of 500gr. Nevertheless, it is still not as flexible as a weighed machine. The biggest advantage is that machine production is simple, fast and the price is economical. The disadvantage is that powder detergents cannot be filled in this system. Auger Screw filling is required. Screw filling machines are required when working with very dusty powders or sticky powder detergents. The auger screw filling rotates a screw inserted in a filling pipe which is connected to a motor and empties the desired amount of powder detergent into the package. The amount of turns will be determined according to the desired weight. This value is entered into the servo motor or stepper motor values. The powder detergent machine can be filled with a range of 10 grs disposable detergent up to 5 kg. 10 g of detergent product sachet (sachet) package is made in filling and packaging machines. Powder filling machines must be made of stainless steel.

Liquid detergent filling machines

Liquid filling and packaging machines, liquid detergent filling and packaging machines can be single-use as well as in bags such as 1 kg arabic soap, and can be filled in 10 gr packages. Sticks can be filled in the range of 10gr. Stick filling and packing machine. Depending on the package size and length specifications, filling and packaging can be done from 5 gr to 20 – 30 gr. The use of detergent filled in stick packages is in the form of disposable use. The reason for the use of disposable detergent packs is mostly economic and space-free. Because of their economic status, they prefer different segments of society for different reasons.

For example, a family living in the African region, because the price is quite cheap, while a short-time trip to take place for use where the stick detergent can be mostly preferred. Stick detergent with sachet (sachet) type ie the four-side seal package can be preferred. The difference between them is not only the image but also the cost differences and details in the background. We can say that the images of the sachet type packages are more professional and reliable. In addition, sachet type packages provide more opportunities to write company logo and images on them. For this reason, the company can easily place its logo and the pictures and information it deems appropriate on the sachet type detergent package.

In addition to the purchase and use of disposable single use stick and sachet packs, detergent packs and packaging are also used in multi-use packs. These machines are frequently known as detergent scales and packaging machines, detergent volumetric filling and packaging machines.

Advantages of Flexible Packaging for Detergent Packaging

In the past, detergents were sold open. The user, grocery stores demanded by going to the grocery store or the person to fill a small hand shovel. This filling stage was open and was quite open to breathing and to the skin. In addition, there was no reliable information about the quality of the detergent and its identity. This method, which is a problem in terms of health and reliability, has been lost after switching to automatic packaging machines. Automatic packaging machines also includes multiple filling and packaging. The most common ones are flexible packaging and bucket filling. In flexible packaging it has many advantages over bucket fillings.

Price Effect

First of all, the effect of the price stands out. The cost of flexible packaging remains lower than the cost of buckets. This cost difference is also favorable for the end user as it affects the total price of the detergent.

Solubility in Nature

Another benefit of flexible packaging is the possibility that it can be packaged in nature with soluble packaging. For this reason, it is important for our future and health to dissolve the flexible packaging without damaging the nature if left to nature.


After the end of the detergent packaged by the flexible packaging, it can be recycled and re-produced without being released to the environment. In this way, it is ensured to reproduce without harming the nature.

Shipping, storage

Flexible packaging provides more efficient and cost-effective transportation and storage conditions and possibilities than buckets or other hard containers. The storage of flexible packagings can be stacked in a much more convenient way during transportation, and the cost of storage and transport per square meter is cheaper and easier than bucket and similar containers.

In fact, although we talk about the detergent machine with the above mentioned filling system, not only detergent, powdered sugar, all kinds of pulses, core coffee, powdered coffee, granulated coffee, coffee cream, chili, powdered pepper, seed, tea, salt, powdered sugar and food products such as vitamin powder, carbonate, milk powder, flour, granular yeast, animal feed and corn flex. The system is the same. Only in this article we told you about the detergent and its filling and packaging.

We are able to carry out the filling and packaging of detergent products in our packaging machines which are manufactured on the basis of ISO9001 and European quality standards.

Our goal is to offer the best quality machine under the best after-sales service in our price segment. For this reason, you will receive the exact value you paid. If you want to see our machines and receive more detailed information about our machines, we would like to invite you to visit our company.