Honey packaging machine is included in liquid stick machine group. Single-use 10 grams of honey is fully automatically filled into food-compatible aluminium Barrier Packaging Films.It is preferred by catering companies, airline companies and ready-to-eat companies.But the main usage area is the energy drinks of gel consistency.Such gels are ready-made and practical products that athletes should always carry with them as energy drinks or food supplements.Single-use stick honey packages can be carried anywhere continuously as a compact product.Reliable and hygienic. Easy to carry. There is no risk of breaking like a jar. And it’s not heavy. Stick honey packs offer these advantages as an excellent solution.

The honey packaging machine is not only packed with honey. Chocolate can also be packaged on the same machine. Disposable liquid chocolate is a very popular food product in low-power countries such as Africa.Liquid packaging machines are filled in both honey and chocolate. Ketchup and mayonnaise filling machines can also pack honey. But the only difference is that honey is a relatively solid product at normal air temperature and this is a problem during filling.To overcome this problem, the double chamber system is used by TurPack. In this system another reservoir is made around the filling chamber. Warm water is filled between the two chambers. And this water is constantly kept in a certain degree through a resistance. Here, temperature is an important factor. Honey can be damaged over a certain degree. Considering this, the chamber is kept at a temperature of 40 or 45 degrees.This temperature is the threshold of making honey liquid without damaging honey. The liquid honey or chocolate is poured into the stick packets in a fluid manner. It then returns to its semi-solid form again at room temperature. This whole process works within a fully automated system. The honey packaging machine can be up to 8 channels starting from 3 channels. In total, the speed of the stick honey packaging machine can be increased up to 300 PCs/ minute. The most appropriate area for the second hand honey packaging machine will be to look at the second hand machine markets. As TurPack machine, we do not sell second hand packaging and packaging machines.

The honey packing machine also has multiple optional elements, including date printing system, automatic filling system and conveyor.