Before buying Packaging & Filling machines.

Buying a packaging machine is a serious and long-term investment. Here we have prepared an article on 10 things you should know before buying Packaging & Filling machines.

  • Knowing the product you will fill and the package details will make your job easier before purchasing a machine. In the purchase of Multilane Stick Packaging Machine and Sachet Filling Machine, note that the package widths are fixed on the machine and cannot be changed afterwards.
  • You can determine how many lanes needed or required on the packaging machine you will buy which is according to your sales volume. This can be a single lane machine, or it can be a multi-lane stick machine. Generally, horizontal filling machines are single-lanes. Bulk filling or with kilo (kg) filling machines, such as sugar packaging machine or rices and pulse packaging machines, they are also single lane as well. You don’t have many choices with bigger machines. But stick machines or sachet machines can be ordered and made as multi-lane. It starts from 1 lane stick machine and upto 10 lane sachet machine.
  • You can determine how many lanes you need on the packaging machines according to your sales volume. This can be a single lane machine or it can be a multi lane stick pack machine. Generally, horizontal filling machines are single lanes. Kilogram filling machines, such as sugar packaging machine or rice pulse that are packed on Vertical packaging machines are also single lane. You won’t have many choices. But stick machine or sachet machines are multi lane. It starts with a 1 lane stick machine and can be upto a 10 lane sachet machine.
  • Multilane filling and packaging machines are machines that work very quickly and fast.            If sufficient sales volume is achieved the machine investment return is very short. A person who manufactures perfumed wet wipes can earn back their investment on the machine within 3 months. This is no different for people who pack ketchup or mayonnaise. The machine investment can be quickly recovered if there are sufficient sales. The world of packaging machinery is advantageous. It is more advantageous to pack products such as disposable wet wipes, ketchup, mayonnaise, sugar sticks, instant coffee, instant coffee.
  • Purchasing Stick and Sachet Packaging machines is a long term investment. A relationship that will last for many years begins with the packaging machine manufacturers. In this respect it is very important to choose the right machine manufacturer. Packaging machinery manufacturers in Turkey are mainly concentrated in Istanbul and Marmara region. Being close to the source provides a great advantage. Turpack machine is based in Istanbul and serves its customers all over Turkey and around the world.
  • There are Stick and Sachet Packaging machine manufacturers in many different countries around the world. Among the packaging machine suppliers, it is necessary to evaluate issues such as quality – price – after-sales service – long-term parts supply.
  • Filling the disposable stick and sachet packages in the desired weight and precision requires engineering experience. For example, as a Turpack machine, it can pack black pepper stick packets that weigh 0.25 gr. Or 1 gram stick or 4 side seal sachet of salt. Or 2 ml liquid gel medicine. In granules, powders and liquid filling packaging machines its very important R&D and engineering infrastructure is needed for liquid and powder filling. This issue should be considered in the selection of the company. The world-famous Gaviscon stick preferred Turpack in the field of pharmaceutical packaging.
  • While considering the packaging machine prices, it is very important that the equipment & components used will be supplied by the manufacturer when necessary and is asked for which is also delivered in the short period of time. The value of labor and sales loss that will arise as a result of waiting for a long time for the part after purchasing the cheap machine is much more of a bigger loss than the cost of the machine. This issue should also be considered before buying cheap machinery or second hand packaging machines.
  • Although the products to be filled in Stick and Sachet machines are very similar to each other they vary according to the country and according to the cultural differences. Hot sauces or mustard or ketchup, mayonnaise show different characteristics from each other according to the country it is produced in. Even this small detail requires machine manufacturers to have experience in this field as well.
  • In order for packaging machines not to be damaged during transportation from one country to another the manufacturer must prepare the machine and must be specialized in sea, air and road transportation aswell. It is a very important issue if you want to have a trouble-free machine to work for many years. Fully stainless steel filling units provide an advantage against corrosion during food packaging and during transportation.
  • The operator of the machine is very important in usage of the machine. During the purchase of the machine, you must also have an operator who can operate this machine for a long time in your factory. The machine manufacturer after-sales team that can speak the same language as this operator will make your job easier and eliminate many problems. Turpack machines are sent to the customer under a 2-year warranty.
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