Advantages of Single Use Stick & Sachet Packages

Advantages of Single Use Stick & Sachet Packages

In the early 1900s, big sacks were used to store and sell products. When the products are supplied from the manufacturer to the customer, they are put in a big sack and shipped out. These sacks were also sold in shops. With the invention of plastic in 1945, products began to transform from sacks to the packages we use today. There has been a trend towards sizes that allow customers to store them in their homes for a long time in smaller volumes instead of the big sacks. In parallel with the development of life styles as well as technology, there was a need to develop stick pack machines and disposable single use sugar stick pack machine technology. Disposable of small volumed packs were first invented 45 years ago by Sanko in Japan. The aim here was to give people the product they needed in single use doses.

For example, while sitting in a cafe, it would be a great advantage to serve the sugar that you would put in the tea to the customer in a way that has not been touched by anyone before and still preserves its freshness. Stick packages, which have been accepted worldwide after 1990, has become an industry on its own. As Turpack, when we compare the first day we started production with today, we can clearly see the difference. Disposable sugar stick packs has become a product that we can see no matter which tea garden or cafe we ​​go to today. The fact that open sugar is exposed to dust and external factors and the threat posed by cube sugars in terms of health and the waste during service are the most important factors in the tendency of operators to stick products. Powder sugar is used in disposable sugar sticks as well. It is suitable for health. No contact with dust from outside.

The consumer only uses as much sugar as they require. In addition, the ability of businesses to print details and information on the stick packages is another important advantage of sugar stick packs. Businesses can print their own logos and contact information on sugar stick packs. The sector has developed rapidly, allowing almost all granular, powder and liquid foods to be served in Stick and Sachet packages. It is possible to pack semi-liquid and gel products such as ketchup, mayonnaise and honey, as well as liquid products such as olive oil, water, milk. It has become widespread to fill products such as 70gr tomato paste and tomato sauce into sachet packages on horizontal machines. This weight corresponds to the tomato paste used in one-time cooking. Thus, the sale of tomato paste has increased in small disposable packages instead of large jars. In developed countries, it has become common to serve food supplement powders developed for humans and even pets in disposable stick and sachet packages. Whey proteins in big buckets could be taken to the gym by carrying them but now they are sized down and packed into stick packs and sachets that make it easier to carry with you.

Today, these products are put in disposable stick or sachet packages and the user can open the package when needed. It is easy to carry and its freshness is like the first day it was packed. The rapidly developing takeaway services all over the world as of 2021, the convenience of transporting such disposable sauces, etc, as well as the advertising opportunity due to the logo and contact information of the enterprise, has led to the growth of the sector. Another area where stick machines are used is powdered products such as coffee and coffee creamer. Thanks to the screw filling system, powdered products such as 3-in-1 instant coffee, powder form instant coffee or coffee creamer, coffee whitener are filled into stick packages.

In addition, various spices are filled in these machines. Also pulse products are filled in volumetric machines. 0.5 kg or 1 kg rice and similar products that can be packed with high speeds on these machines. The use of disposable packages has also increased in countries whose economic level is lagging behind other countries. For example disposable detergent, for users who have economic difficulties in purchasing powder detergent in kilograms in some of these countries. Being able to supply the products at a more affordable price has made the use widespread. It has become very attractive to buy disposable detergent in stick packages instead of 1 kilo detergent bags. In addition to this, the interest of the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry that are packed in these stick and sachet packaging machines is gradually increasing all over the world.

As Turpack, our main mission is to increase the number of 85 countries we export to at the moment both at home and abroad and to serve our customers with machines that have the most appropriate price and highest quality. For detailed information about our Stick and Sachet packaging machines you can contact us by phone +90212 612 55 43 or by e-mail [email protected].