• Control System:PLC Touch Screen
  • Construction / Structure:304 Stainless Steel
  • Sachet Dimensions:Min 60×60 mm, Max 120×120 mm
  • Speed:60 sachets / per / min
  • Performance:Can fill either 1 pcs or more then 1 pcs of tablets into the required sized 4 side seal sachet.


Machine Description

This curtain machine is used and produces sachet type packages which are sealed on all four sides for medical products such as tablets or capsules and granular products such as seeds and free flowing chemical products. It is a fully automatic packaging machine designed for untouched packaging of single pieces or numbered pieces in the sachet. In this machine, the product is counted and to be filled by sensors which fill the required amount into the packages. It has an extremely precise filling system. German SICK sensors are used as sensors.

Optional equipment can be added such as easy opening notch and conveyor belt, most important is the date printing or coder. Easy open tear notch can be added to the machine for the consumer to open the sachet more easily. Easy opening notch, date printing and conveyor can be added according to customer request and is optional. Since the machine is a horizontal machine, the width and length of the sachets can be changed easily. Standard packages can be packed at a speed of 60 pieces / min.