• Control System:PLC – Touch Screen
  • Construction:Stainless Steel
  • Unfolded Size of Wet Tissue:Min L:80mm W:100mm, Max L:220mm W:200mm
  • Folded Size of Wet Tissue:Min L:60mm W:60mm, Max L:120mm W:150mm
  • Speed:120 pcs/min*
  • Application:This machine can be used to produce the wet tissue, medicine plaster, make up remove wipe, 3D Glasses Wipes, Cleansing Towelette, Computer Cleaning Wet Tissue, Disinfectant Cotton Paper, Disinfectant Napkin Paper, Glasses Lens Cleaning Towelettes, etc.
  • *:120 pcs/min for 6x8cm package dimensions and 2ml liquid. Quantity per minute may change according to package dimensions and liquid weight.


Machine Description

Single Sachet Wet Wipes Machine is used to produce single piece wet tissue of 4-side sealed bag. It can do the work of folding, cutting, bag-forming, water-adding, slicing, code-printing and counting. Fully stainless steel body.PLC based with a touch screen wet wipes machine is very simple to operate and simple to set up . The sachet size range that the base machine produces, is 60mm x 80mm, up to 110mm x 120mm, with speeds up to 120 sachets per minute, from a flat roll of film. There is a liquid injection system that can put up to 15cc of liquid in each sachet.

Code: 8682678599561