Medical and Pharmaceutical Packaging Machines:

In recent years, the pharmaceutical sector has entered a rapid growth process at global level. Including packaging machines for the pharmaceutical industries, which we produce in parallel with the growth trend in the world market of Turkey, we are exporting to the world’s leading countries in Europe.

As Turpack Industry we specialize in single-use pharmaceutical packaging machines. Stick type medicine packaging machines which we manufacture and export that is very suitable for single use syrupy liquid drugs. For example, Gaviscon is a very good example. When Gaviscon visited our company Turpack, they said that they were looking for a disposable solution for their syrup product. With our single-use liquid stick machines, we were able to fill the syrup semi-liquid Gaviscon into 6 ml disposable liquid sticks. Thus, Gaviscon has provided its customers with easy presentation and a new market trend. Not only liquid products, but also products such as tablets and pills can be packaged in our production portfolio.

Again an American company said they wanted to fill their herbal tablets which they were currently packing into a single-use sachet (4-side conjoined package) which was a single lane machine. It can be filled on our multi-lane 4 side seal sachet packaging machines and can be filled on our horizontal packaging machines. The advantage of the multi-lane sachet machine is that it provides more production because the increase of the number of lanes. On the horizontal machine, the final packages are visually more beautiful. In addition, the horizontal machine has a higher filling accuracy. In fact, horizontal machines are ideal for tablet refills. Up to 60 packages can be filled per minute. A filling head is placed on the machine to send the pills into the individual package and each pill is controlled by sensors. As Turpack, we offer multilane sachet filling machines for our customers looking for high speed in pharmaceutical packaging, and horizontal machines for our customers looking for precision.

In the video below, you can check our liquid stick and tablet filling machines.

In addition to these products, we can list the types of pharmaceutical packaging machines we offer. Surgical fluid, eye drops, contact lens fluids, oral and dental care waters, gastric fluids, herbal medicine fluids and so on liquids.

The pharmaceutical industry is a sensitive industry. All surfaces that come into contact with the product are manufactured as SS316 stainless steel and high hygienic conditions are taken into consideration during the production process. When we say the Word ‘’drug’’, just tablets or liquids should not come to mind. All kinds of personal care and cosmetic solutions are grouped under the same name. For example, we talked about cough syrup filling machine. We would like to say that products such as contact lens fluid, oral and dental care water, eye drops, etc. can also be filled with liquid stick packaging machines.

Same thing in regards to Blood Stoper officials said when they wanted to make a disposable product for the sudden bloodstop they produced when they visited Turpack company. We produced a machine which makes the filling and packaging of patented blood-freezing liquids with a specially fabricated fabric into a package which is glued from the four sides by our horizontal machine. The whole filling and packaging process was done without any hands touching.

Drug packaging is a sector that directly affects health and requires expertise. So we are aware of our responsibilities as Turpack. plastic materials comprise 60% of total drug material consumption in Turkey. Plastic pharmaceutical materials have a share of 2% in total plastic material production. In 2020 it is estimated that Turkey will be the 14th highest country in the world of consuming plastics. This indicates that the pharmaceutical packaging market will grow even more every day. The growth which is occurring in this market, we offer our customers the need for filling and packaging machinery to be the solution to cover this requirement around the world also in Turkey as well.

Stick type packaging machine, sachet (four side sealed package) packaging machine is one of the most requested machines in flexible packaging and machinery. Liquid and pill filling as well as powder granular products can be filled and packed. We can list powder vitamins, powder expectorants, powder fever and pain reducers and their granules, granular vitamins, granular expectorants, granular fever and pain reducers. Powder and granular products can be packed into stick type and sachet type package as well as liquid products as well. For example, in the Tylolhot packages produced by the Nobel pharmaceutical company, the product is a granular powder product and is used in the treatment of colds and flu infectious diseases. The Tylolhot package is a disposable sachet package. That is, four side sealed sachet. These card-shaped packages can be arranged and packaged in Tylolhot boxes. Sachet type packages are preferred more than stick type packages within the pharmaceutical and cosmetic sector. The reason for this is that the sachet type packages are more spectacular and remarkable. In recent years, stick type medicines and cosmetic products have also started to be made. With these machines, we have achieved full compliance with the disposable medicines and cosmetics sector. In our single-use flexible packaging packaging machines, which are commonly referred to as stick medicine packaging machines, sachet medicine packaging machines, the pharmaceutical and cosmetic products in the form of disposable liquid, powdered pills and granules can be packaged on our machines. Today, we have started to see medicine and cosmetic products in similar packages as well as the food products which we are used to seeing in disposable packages. We can say that the use of disposable products today is so much demanded and that it is directly proportional to the increase in our life rhythm. We are working harder now, we are producing more products and this means that we are spending less time with ourselves. In this continuity, the pharmaceutical and cosmetics needs must be carried out quickly and fast. For this reason, the products included in the single-use packages offers one or several uses. Disposable packages are small and easy to carry in the pocket or in the wallet. It is also easy to purchase single-use packages individually. The packages that can be purchased individually can also be purchased in boxed form and can also be kept in our office in our house and give us the chance to see one by one when we need it.

On all pharmaceutical packaging machines, we prioritize hygienic sensitivity. The use of SS316 stainless steel in compliance with European standards and the fact that the whole packaging process has to be closed status to avoid and dust or powder getting into the circuits or electrical panel of the machine, especially the pharmaceutical industry which proves how careful we are and have to be. All the pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies we have worked with up to this date have had their special demands. These demands led us to the regulations and standards of the sector that led to revisions on the machinery in the filling of the products on our machines. We have analyzed the refining processes of the products and the revision processes on the machines very well and have managed the customers demands correctly.

After that, we will continue to manufacture our machines that will provide the most appropriate and high quality service to our customers based on their changing demands and suggestions. We are always proud to say that our machines are constantly developing more and more each day. Our customers, whether they are from the pharmaceutical industry or from the cosmetics sector, are informing us about their demands which we do our best to find the most positive solution for them with on our machines.

Please contact us to get detailed information about the packaging machines that our specialized team in the field of pharmaceuticals packaging can offer you.