The single use olive oil packets can be made by two different ways. The first one is three sides sealed small packet and we call it a stick pack. The other one is four sides sealed packet and we call 3 side seal sachet.

Usually, the single use olive oil stickpack sachets are used in the hotels, airline companies, food delivery companies, supermarkets and catering services or during traveling. Mono dose olive oil sachets are very economic product because of the fact that it is cheap, single use and easy to carry. For many reason, most of the people start using the single-use stickpack and packets instead of the bottles. Day by day the single-use stick pack sachets became more popular.

The most popular size of the single-use olive oil sachet size is 35 mm width and 100 mm length. This packet can be content 10 – 12 ml of olive oil. The size and the weight can be adjustable through the PLC on the machine. The film roll on the packet can be printed with the company name or the hotel name… This stickpack sachet product is very useful and able to use in your traveling. It’s only one use and disposable product. Especially in the catering field can be very suitable, most of the airways companies present the stick pack olive oil for salads. The stick pack and sachet market growing up every day. The olive oil packaging machine not only for the olive oil, the same machine can fill salad sauce, lemon juice, water, vinager, and similar products. The machine must make the packing process throw clean circumstances is very important so for that reason the machine should be sensitive until you provide your product to the final consumer.

The price of the olive oil packaging machine changeable according to the manufacturer. As Turpack we don’t supply second hand olive oil packaging machines. When you would like to get a used machine you have to check the brand of this machine, this is the most important point. There are many brands on the market which are acceptable. The machines of Turpack which sold since 12 years ago until know is working clearly without any problem and happy customer.

Generally, we manufacture the olive oil packaging machine of 3 lanes, 6 and 8 lanes. Last few years Turpack supplying 8 lanes machines to Europe for the companies which looking for the continuous producing and big capacity, to add more power in the market for those companies. The 3 lanes machine can produce 100 pieces per minute, 6 lanes 200 pieces per minute, and 8 lanes 270 pieces per minute. For this machine should use a PE coated packaging material roll and can be printed.

The stick pack or the sachet of olive oil going to be more popular because it’s single use, economic, and clean. This days in the hotel’s chains and tourism field the packets became more popular. Because of this packets look like the stick so it named stick pack. Even that is this product new but today is very famous.

The optional feature:

Thes packets able to produce like perforated rope and it called perforation. It can be 2 packets, 5 packets or 10 packets perforated together. Date coder uses to print the expiry date on the packet. The conveyor belt will move the packet to the carton box. The automatic feeding system can feed the machine automatically.

Also the easy open tear notch one of the optional feature which can help the customer.

Tow tears of guarantee, more than 500 machines to over than 80 countries make Turpack have enough experience to reach the satisfied customers.

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